Journalist by day, pop culture junkie by night, Bijoy Bharathan has an insatiable appetite for world cinema of the highbrow, middle-brow, and occasionally boondocks variants. In his spare time, he likes to devour graphic novels on his laptop, every once in a while struggling with a real book with all text and no pictures. He loves overnight journeys to strange new towns, that afford him an opportunity to take long walks and hone his photography skills. He has a weakness for swimming, roadside chai and the music of Moby.

Bijoy Bharathan

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Barking up the right tree

In an attempt to subconsciously celebrate the beginning of the Cannes film festival this year, I have decided to pamper myself with evenly-spaced screenings of little indie-treats that pack a mighty ... »

Inarritu's inward gaze

This might probably be the one time I dole out a suggestion that goes against the grain of ethic that I stand for, with respect to the cinema-going experience on the big screen. But exceptions can be... »

Skinny dipping in Scandinavia

This post, marking the start of 2015, was originally titled, ‘Of Skinny Dipping in Scandinavia and Coming of Age in Mexico.’ It was partly inspired by a rain drenched dip in the waters of the Aquatic... »

We are not alone, and how

Over the last one year, I allowed myself the liberty of indulging in cinema that could broadly be classified under the genre ‘Never Coming to a Theatre near You’. This categorisation owes a huge debt... »

The Intangible Mr Nolan

I had been deferring my date with Mr Christopher Nolan’s latest offering Interstellar for close to a month now. However, curiosity finally got the better of me and I found myself watching t... »

The gentle hum of anxiety

Following an extended lull on the filmy front, it was heartening to wake up to news that sent a pulse of excitement down one’s atrophied spine. Director David Fincher, who has built a career out of c... »

Wait, there’s more to come, it ain’t over till it’s over

A majority of film-going audiences find the idea of staying back to watch the closing credits of a Hollywood film till the very end, a pointless exercise. Don’t take my word for it? See it for yourse... »

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