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J Srinivasan

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Himalayan blunder

Often enough has India’s chest thumping of an emerging power been shown up for what it is — bravado. This has happened yet again. Uttarakhand didn’t know what hit it when the Nature decided to push ... »

Congress shuffle

What was the Congress’ point in bringing a geriatric brigade into the Council of Ministers? While the party apparatus is getting younger — the AICC average age is now 52 — the Ministry is getting old... »

The BJP soap

One hates to agree with the Congress but it was spot on that the Goa conclave of the BJP was much like a saas-bahu soap frothing away torturously. At an age when L. K. Advani (right, the saas) should... »

In the South African bush

Most things in South Africa bite, but the worst is the safari bite, goes a warning note in a jungle lodge deep in the country’s Lowveld, a region of low altitude marked by open, uncultivated grasslan... »

A walk like no other

The ranger jumped off the open Land Cruiser, took out a long canvas covered case. Out came a rifle, and the ranger fed three bullets in the chamber. Turning to our group of four, but looking at me, h... »  

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