N. Ramakrishnan writes on infrastructure, renewable energy, cement and automobiles, and, of late, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. Ramki is passionate about journalism; loves nature, reading, bird-watching, photography, politics and urban development.

N Ramakrishnan

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Needed, a visionary leadership for Tamil Nadu

Mumbai has the T2, Delhi the T3. Both Hyderabad and Bangalore have got new airports with modern facilities and run by the private sector. In comparison, Chennai is content to have an expanded term... »

Why this obsession with being great?

Let me confess right at the beginning that I am not a great fan of Sachin. I used to idolise G.R. Vishwanath, of an era long gone by, then liked watching Dilip Vengsarkar, V.V.S. Laxman and Rahul... »

Will the autorickshaw drivers now turn on the meters?

In a way, the autorickshaws and the autorickshaw drivers symbolise the city, be it Madras in its earlier avatar or Chennai now. They are unruly (you just need to see them mob you when yo... »

Old rivalries don’t die!

One died almost 26 years ago and the other 12 years back. They were competitors and rivals when they were at the height of their careers. Now, the rivalry continues between their fans. M... »

Kuyil, a lot to crow about

Chennai has not lost just its sparrows. By all accounts, its crow population is also coming down. No, I do not have any authoritative proof of this, but going by the sound of bird calls early in t... »

Madras nalla Madras...

So went the opening line of a memorable Kannadasan song in the 1967 Tamil film Anubhavi Raja Anubhavi, sung in the movie by the wonderful comedian Nagesh. Literally translated, it reads as... »

Tamil Nadu & Sri Lankan Tamils

The temperature in Chennai has begun to climb. Hardly surprising since it is summer. But, the heat that is being generated over the Sri Lankan Tamils issue is definitely surprising, given that the... »

Is Katju right?

The Press Council of India Chairman Markandey Katju has the knack of stirring up a controversy every time he says something. The latest being his move to set up a committee that will look into the... »

Congress (I) and the CAG

There must be something with the Congress (I) that gets it riled up against a constitutional body like the Comptroller & Auditor General. One cannot really blame the party for having this atti... »

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