An organisational and behavioural consultant. I am a qualified sensitivity trainer, qualified with the Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science, the Indian arm of NTL, USA.

T.T. Srinath

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Altering beliefs in people

At a recent seminar on ‘value based existence’, where I was a panelist, a young manager asked me if it was possible to change behaviour of people in organisations. While the question seemed simple... »

Customer sensitivity – begins with appreciation of ourselves

To be effective in a selling profession, whether it be sales or after-sales requires two distinct attributes; the skill or knowledge and the will or willingness. »

The warrior and the leader - value-based entrepreneurship

My life as an entrepreneur has often told me that I am ‘an unfinished leader’; that I am work in progress. I am no less human than those who I lead, perhaps in many ways even doubtful of the steps... »

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