Marvelling at how the Elements refuse to be cowed down by geographical boundaries. Not for nothing that monsoons (southwest and northeast), western disturbances, easterly waves and the 'Big Dry' should lend themselves for focused watch here.

Vinson Kurian

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Storm building in the Bay of Bengal?

Most forecasting agencies indicate the possibility of a storm building in the Southwest Bay of Bengal, just ahead of the onset of Southwest monsoon in these parts. What it holds for onset dynamics over mainland India has crucial signifcance for onward progress of seasonal rains. »

Monsoon ball has been set rolling!

Expectations of a normal southwest monsoon for India are gaining ground »

Ebbs and flows in 'atmospheric rivers' and their impact

So when they swing up, these waves suck warm air from the tropics to Europe, Russia, or the US, and when they swing down, they do the same thing with cold air from the Arctic. »

Late-winter snowstorm in Northwest Europe

The Arctic cold wave has made a late-winter dip towards far south of the normal to trigger the latest snowstorm across Northwest Europe, which is on a roll even as one is about to post this blog . This is akin to early-February freaky weather brought about by southward-dipping western disturbances (which are eastward-perturbations of the cold waves striking Northwest and South Europe)over Central and adjoining Peninsular India. »

All's well in equatorial Pacific?

US and Australian lead forecasters believe they are able to see beyond the 'spring barrier' to conclude that the equatorial Pacific will stay 'neutral'during the Northern Hemisphere summer 2013. »

Weather-proofing of Budget

“While, like last year, I seek the blessings of Lord Indra to bestow on us timely and bountiful monsoons, I would pray to Goddess Lakshmi as well. I think it is a good strategy to diversify one's risks.” – Pranab Mukherjee in Budget speech 2012-13. »

Will it be a normal monsoon this time?

The ECMWF update is the very latest – made as late as February 22 (Friday) and the IRI’s dates back to a month (its February update is awaited). The ECMWF forecast speaks about a normal monsoon perfo... »

Wet summer thus far in North, Northwest India

This helps add vital soil moisture, though persisting thunderstorm and occasional hailstorm might not helped the cause of standing Rabi crops in the plains of Northwest India. But soil moisture in... »

Twin-monsoon failures of 2012 have left plantation sector numb

We are barely into the second month of the New Year 2013, but farmers have started thinking loud and exchanging ideas and observations about what it would be like going forward on the weather/climate... »

What does winter melt hold this time round?

We are getting into that time of the year when weather watchers start scanning the skies, not to speak the Internet and other resources on ground, for clues on evolving weather for a country whose fa... »

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