No more struggle with words

Srabasti Dey

“Christmas was a few days away. Robin sat by the window while his brother and sister helped t... »

The woman’s word from Iraq

Haifa Zangana

Aditi Bhaduri

Iraq is in the middle of a crisis again. In the past year alone, the UN estimates that 8,868 peo... »

Take the pain out of appraisals

Supportive working environment is a key factor influencing employee performance. — Photo: P.V. Sivakumar

C. Mahalingam

It is performance appraisal and review time for most companies. Employees will be busy recountin... »

The turning point of sale

Pradeep Ramakrishnan

The point of sale, commonly known as the ‘last mile’, has always been an integral part o... »

Money does not buy happy employees

Companies today realise that there are a series of factors that drive the
happiness quotient of the workforce, including good work culture, employee-friendly policies and a chance for professional growth.

Sharvani Sachidanand

If money was the only determinant in keeping employees happy and satisfied, giant firms that pay... »


Cinematic joyride: Naseeruddin Shah, Arshad Warsi and (below) Madhuri Dixit in Dedh Ishqiya.

Dedh Ishqiya sizzles

Shashi Baliga

Ahhh, after so long, a mainstream Hindi film that you can simply luxuriate in. That makes you wan... »

New Manager

Companies must address grievances expeditiously and looked at the
complaints seriously and investigated the issue formally. — Photo: Shaju John

Erase the grey zones

Saba Adil

While cases sexual harassment at the workplace coming into light nowadays have increased in numb... »


Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

‘Water with CO2 not the real thing’

Prasad Sangameshwaran

Jaggi Vasudev, known popularly as Sadhguru, comes across as a uber-cool yogi. An audio v... »


Where indecision rules

In 2013, the marketing function ran a bit like UPA 2 - nobody wanted to take any decision. Every... »

Rasheeda Bhagat

Perpetual City: A Short Biography of Delhi; By Malvika Singh; Publisher: Aleph; Price: Rs 295

Dearly beloved Dilli

William Dalrymple sums it up neatly when he calls Malvika Singh’s portrait of Delhi — Perp... »


Grand Delusions: A Short Biography of Kolkata; By Indrajit Hazra; Publisher: Aleph; Price: Rs 295

Inside the skin of a city

Sandhya Rao

The most interesting thing about this series of short biographies on cities that Aleph’s been... »

Whether it is in Delhi and Mumbai or Kochi and Patna, the radio taxi has become ubiquitous. Rashmi Pratap looks at how and why this mode of transport has become so popular across India. »

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