Catch the biggies in town talk about their taste in tech

What gadgets do you use?

A Toshiba laptop at work, iPhone 4, a Sony 14 MP digital camera, an HP desktop at home and I grab my son’s iPad 3 whenever he is not looking!

Which is the latest gadget you picked up?

The iPad 3, picked up for my son on pretext, I try and use it whenever I can.

What is your dream machine?

There is nothing like a dream machine anymore. Given the pace of change in gadgets, dreams are likely to pale in comparison with the actual gadgetry over time.

What do you not like about technology?

I think the excessive use of gadgets results in a society that is too dependent on technology and this is bad news. For example, earlier we tried to remember things and sharpen our memory skills. Today, we Google. Earlier, we used to write mushy stuff by hand and post greeting cards. Today, we text ILU.

Which apps are you addicted to?

Thankfully just one – email and I am trying to reduce usage of email daily.

One funny / nostalgic anecdote relating to tech.

At a recent gathering I met a smart young man and as we were talking, I realised he was the son of a good old friend with whom I was out of touch. I promptly asked the young man to give me his father’s phone number and he in return asked for my number and said that he would ask his father to call me. I said not required, just give me the number and I will make the call. Then this young man said sure, please give me your number and I will text you my father’s number. I was perplexed and said why can’t you give me the number now which and that’s when the young man sheepishly said that he does not know his father’s number, it is stored in his contact list!

The incident was funny yet sad.

What’s the biggest tech disaster according to you?

The biggest technological disaster that I can foresee in future is that of a society where people can no longer do anything without assistance from technology and gadgets. And then something happens that makes all of these gadgets to stop working. I think we will be found severely lacking in resilience to cope with such a scenario. Already, we have a generation now that cannot believe we lived and managed without cell phones and search engines.

One instance where technology solved your problem?

Once I was driving back from work late at night when my car broke down in an isolated area. I noticed a light far away and walked towards it hoping for some help. I found a desolate bungalow and a helpful watchman who offered me a bed to sleep in the night and he also promised to find me a car mechanic in the morning.

In the middle of the night I was suddenly woken up by sounds of some screaming outside. I was absolutely scared. I went out and saw a lady dressed in a white sari floating in air and screaming loudly. I was terrified and rooted to the spot. Suddenly the lady turned around, saw me and rushed towards me at high speed and knocked me over.

I fell down and she fell on top of me trying to grab my throat. At that point I noticed a set of black lines on her inner wrist. I pulled out my iPhone from my pant pocket, opened my bar code app and scanned the lines on the lady’s wrist.

Immediately I stopped fighting the lady and instead gave her a grin, casually pushed her away, got up and walked back in to the bungalow and went back to sleep and now it was the lady who was dumbstruck and rooted to her spot. This is because my iPhone app indicated that the bar codes on the wrist of the lady were incorrect. A genuine ghost will always have correct bar codes, right?

OK, I totally made that up.

(This article was published on November 8, 2012)
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