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Cera Sanitaryware: a good investment bet

 Rajalakshmi Nirmal

Diversification, expansion into smaller cities have helped the company grow »
Their Story

Tax travails of the seniors

Parvatha Vardhini C

Old-timers aren’t having it easy, whether it is random scrutinies or wrongful demands for more taxes »
The Ramco Cements: Sell

On weak ground

Rajalakshmi Nirmal

The stock seems to have run ahead of fundamentals which are uninspiring »
Reality Check

Cairn India: Facing taxing times

Anand Kalyanaraman

Oil producer Cairn India’s cup of woes brimmeth over. The taxman recently asked it to pay ₹20,495 crore — tax of ₹10,248 crore and interest of ₹10,247 crore. This is for alleged failure to... »
Meet the Manager

“Strong rupee will hurt ‘Make in India’ theme”

S Naren, CIO, ICICI Prudential AMC

K Venkatasubramanian

This time around, infrastructure-oriented growth looks possible. We may also have rural consumption as a way to play the recovery cycle. S Naren CIO, ICICI Prudential AMC »

Your fund portfolio

K Venkatasubramanian

I am investing in three mutual fund schemes through the systematic investment plan (SIP) route. But these schemes seem to be underperforming in recent times.Please let me know whether... »

A platform for your ventures

Arvind Jayaram

Ayyappa Nagubandi, Co-Founder of Possibillion Technologies, says if the internet wasn’t around, he’d probably be doing something else. “Most of the ideas that I’ve done are internet-based —... »

Lowers entry barriers

Girish Redekar, Co-Founder of Recruiterbox, an HR solutions tool, says the internet offers a level playing field. “Imagine you are into a conventional business, such as making biscuits. To make i... »

Job-hunting made easy

Swati Kumar

Arvind Jayaram

Swati Kumar says the internet has been of extreme use as she hunts for a job from Dehradun. “The world has become a much smaller place, thanks to the internet. It doesn’t matter anymore if you’re s... »

Your Financial Plan

Suresh Parthasarathy

I am 35 and work in an aviation firm; my wife, 32, is a home maker.We have a three-year old daughter. My 60-year old mother is a dependent. Despite earning a decent income, I find it hard t... »

Legal trouble drags Hindalco

Global funds underperform substantially

Birla Sunlife Frontline Equity Fund: Buy

This CUB can roar

DSP BlackRock Equity: Buy

Adlabs Entertainment- IPO: No

SPARC gains on drug approval

JP Morgan India Equity: Buy

Repo rate cut: it’s good news for mutual fund industry

Bank of India: Sell

Your Financial Plan

Suresh Parthasarathy

I am 48 and work for an IT company; my husband, 54, is a government employee. We have two sons, the first an engineer seeking a job while the second is studying. B... »
Ashiana Housing: Sell

Too far, too fast

Meera Siva

The sharp run-up in the stock belies the company’s slowing growth »
Zensar Technologies: Buy

Going about IT calmly

K Venkatasubramanian

The company’s focussed approach and growth-oriented service are paying off »

HDFC Small and Mid Cap: Sell

K Venkatasubramanian

The fund is in the bottom quartile in its category across time periods »
New Fund on the Block

Sticks to bluechips and gilts

Bhavana Acharya

The SBI Dynamic Asset Allocation fund relies on technical indicators for investing »

ICICI Prudential Tax Plan: Buy

Parvatha Vardhini C

The fund’s large-cap tilt makes it suitable for investors with low risk appetite »

How the internet has changed The world

Arvind Jayaram

The internet has lent itself readily to people starting a venture or buying/selling things online. But some people have taken a hit too, finds Arvind Jayaram »

Changing the way you shop

Nishtha Gomes

Arvind Jayaram

Nishtha Gomes, a Delhi-based professional, says the internet has been of immense help to her since the time her baby was born. “I do most of my shopping for apparel and home furnishings on t... »

Hurting small business

Himanshu Goenka,

Arvind Jayaram

Even as customers and entrepreneurs have markedly benefited from the e-commerce boom, the traditional brick-and-mortar stores, which are losing out to their online counterparts, are a worried lot. »

Your Fund Portfolio

K Venkatasubramanian

I am 23 and single. Recently, I got placed in a top regulatory body. My package is around ₹3 lakh annually. Please suggest investment options for me.ShameerCongrats... »

Lots of watts in it

Not much loved

Franklin India Prima Plus: Buy

To switch or not to switch?

Your Fund Portfolio

PVR: Hold

Engineers India: Buy

Common account to pave way for simpler MF accessibility, transaction

Ups and Downs

Your Fund Portfolio

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