As we all know, human beings are slowly but surely eating away the earth even though there have been awareness programmes and NGOs are trying to inform people about the catastrophe that lies ahead if we continue on this path. In fact, unless those who mine coal, build concrete jungles over were forests, and others step up and save the world, we might just be too late to save ourselves.

Very soon the only place that will be habitable on this planet is the Arctic and the Antarctic. In January Bangalore experienced weather that’s expected in March. North India is experiencing a chilling cold wave. Siberia is severely cold and every other country is experiencing unnatural weather conditions. So in the end, with the polar ice caps melting, it’s obvious that the now frigid, Arctic and Antarctic would have to be unfrozen to serve as habitat for us.

For people who live in the Antarctic, a person watching from space would see them standing upside down, walking upside general living upside down. Gravity is said to have a hold on everything on the earth, it holds you and me, the animals, worms, birds, trees. And the cream on the pie, air and water and all its millions of life forms.

Water…we even find it hard to hold it in our two hands, and don’t bother considering air.

Now, what if gravity decided to take a break? I think it’s safe (or rather unsafe) to say that you can forget about the human race. After the Mayan fiasco got over last year, the end of human existence is again under speculation. So, could this be how we end? Drifting, perhaps head down into nothingness where there is no top or bottom, no time, no appointment to keep, just nothing...

This is how fragile our earth is. We have been taking things for granted. The petty things that we worry about from day to day – not getting a promotion, not being able to purchase luxuries...doesn’t it all pale in comparison?


(Sneha is a Commerce student at Christ Junior College, Bangalore.)

(This article was published on January 23, 2013)
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