Alok Ray is a former Professor of Economics at IIM Calcutta where he taught for more than 30 years. He is a Ph.D from University of Rochester, US. Prof Ray has also taught at several universities in India, US, Canada and Australia. He has been a consultant to UN, World Bank, Government of India and several private sector companies. He is the author of many professional articles in leading national and international journals, in addition to writing regular columns on current issues. He is a recipient of the prestigious V.K.R.V. Rao Award in Economics for his research contributions.

Cash transfers, a potential game-changer

It can plug leakages in the food and fertiliser distribution chain. However, the government should proceed cautiously. »

Kejriwal has set the cat among the pigeons

Kejriwal has set the cat among the pigeons in the political establishment. But he too needs to watch his step. »

Rough edges in RTE law

The Right to Education Act overburdens fee-paying students, without really helping the poorer ones. »

A Budget constrained by populism

The subsidy target cannot be met, unless the Centre is able to raise fuel prices. »

Behind the rupee's free fall

Capital flight points to declining investor confidence. »

Role of yuan in a rising China

The yuan is growing as a medium of trade and capital flows, but questions about its pre-eminence remain. »

Resolve sticky issues in GST

A balance needs to be struck between harmonisation of rates and concerns over the States' fiscal autonomy. »

Growth has become more inclusive

Real wages, employment and per capita consumption have risen across rural and urban India. »

World leans towards more regulation

While regulation is back in favour after the financial crisis, politicians and bureaucrats are not keen on setting up truly independent regulatory bodies. »

Mixed report card on NREGS

The scheme has reduced rural migration and promoted financial inclusion, but needs to create more durable assets. »
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