The loneliness of being FM

The enthusiasm for external sector reforms seems misplaced. Our addiction to external debt and gold and oil imports is here to stay. If one was asked which minister was leading the policy thrust to talk up the economy, the unanimous answer would be, of course, P. Chidambaram. »

Can Rajan make a difference as RBI Governor? - NO

The designation of an internationally acclaimed economist as the next Governor of the Reserve Bank seems to have lent a nip to the air, creating expectations of reversals in monetary polic... »

India’s growth is a chimera

India’s 2003-08 ‘dream run’ was fuelled by capital inflows of dubious quality, drowning industry in debt, while not creating productive assets. »

Edward Snowden, Noble Savage

Big Brother is alive even after the Cold War. But today, the technology of control has itself spun out of control. Fear and farce are intertwined, as Huxley foresaw years ago. »

High-rises, signifying nothing?

Mumbai shows how Indian urban building styles are sinking into a hole of dreariness and uniformity. »

Now, it’s committee-panel raj

The Prime Minister’s fondness for committees is not showing results. Besides, they short-circuit more democratic methods. »

India falls between two stools

India has not seen a neat shift of workforce from agriculture to industry, as in the West. Instead, there’s a vast rural non-farm sector – dominated by construction. »

The illusion of cheap money

Behind the demand for interest on cash reserve ratio is the notion that cheap money is all it takes to get growth going. Happily, the RBI isn’t buying that. »

Things fall apart

Mumbai’s dreams have imploded. Rain has brought its squalor to the surface. »

Kejriwal, or brick in the wall?

Arvind Kejriwal’s party could be a game changer if it does more than fight “symbols of corruption” electorally, and creates an alternative discourse on “progress.” »
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