Kejriwal, or brick in the wall?

Arvind Kejriwal’s party could be a game changer if it does more than fight “symbols of corruption” electorally, and creates an alternative discourse on “progress.” »

UPA’s corrupt, but so are we

A minister sells spectrum, the wealthy hijack waterways for townships. Corruption has been socialised. »

Where have all the jobs gone?

Downturns do cause unemployment. But the larger problem is jobs becoming selective and temporary as outsourcing catches on – to India and within India. »

Reforms’ unintended fallout

A recent RBI study showed that formal lending to rural sector fell after 1991; so has the fight against usurious money-lending been compromised by liberalisation? »

RBI opens new window

A close reading of RBI’s annual policy statement opens a window to what ails the Indian economy and why low interest rates will not work to set it right at this juncture. »

Why some love a good drought

Maharashtra is going through a searing drought — one that is caused by reckless urbanisation and skewed use of water. »

Get real. More growth=less jobs

High growth based on rising productivity may not mean more jobs, as trends in India and US suggest -- particularly since the 1990s. »

India’s tryst with innovation

‘Disruptive innovation’ in India is creating a digital divide, cleaving it into two halves that do not talk to each other. »

New BRICS for old

In economic terms, this seems like a motley collective. But as a civilisational entity, BRICS can acquire another meaning. »

India reproduces, US seduces

A Gallup poll shows that a large number of people from populous countries, including India, want to migrate to the US. This only helps the US turn into a competitive labour market. »
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