Sick economy, clueless doctors

An interest rate cut will not help in reducing inflation. It will only aid rent-seekers and speculators. »

Lessons from a financial meltdown

Joseph Stiglitz reminds us that large, inter-connected banks enhance the risk of systemic failure, precisely at a time when India is going in that direction. »

Innovation cannot be inclusive

Technological optimists would have us believe that innovation can engineer equitable growth. But the fact is, stratified markets and societies drive innovation. »

Still staring at jobless growth

A Plan panel report on employment concedes that the years of high growth since 2004-05 have not created jobs. But having said that, it peddles shop-worn clichés by way of solutions. »

Signs of maturity in Parliament

The passage of the Banking Laws Amendment Bill and Companies Bill points to a welcome return to sound parliamentary practice. »

Slowdown — but who cares?

For the majority of the population outside the pale of India’s organised economy, the slowdown or “reforms push” does not really matter. They have no jobs or privileges to lose. »

Missing links in Indian thought

India’s founding fathers drew inspiration from ancient texts and artefacts. But they tiptoed around the Islamic tradition. »

FM’s pushing too hard

The Finance Minister has overreached himself by telling the RBI to get cracking on new bank licences. »

Crisis of European imagination

The intellectual roots of India’s freedom, and Rabindranath Tagore’s work in particular, offer great clues for an exhausted, inward-looking Europe. »

The lost idea of India

A new book on the freedom struggle opens a great window of opportunity to understand the wrong turns India has taken in its journey towards mature nationhood. »
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