Chasing an export pipedream

The Commerce Ministry's proposed tax relief for SEZs is insensitive to fiscal concerns and blind to the recession in developed economies. »

Jobs for youth? Really?

The Budget promises ‘inclusion’ of the youth and women in the economy. But in the absence of any skill development plan, the assurance rings hollow. »

The Survey’s tired stories

Whether it is inflation or employment, the Survey does not have much insights to offer. »

Bankrupt rhetoric of inclusion

Social inclusion in the official lexicon is but an empty phrase, a form of doublespeak in an economy that actually furthers exclusion. »

The false promise of housing

Contrary to trends, housing is growing fairly rapidly; yet the rest of the economy slumbers. »

Toothless tigers, wounded elephants

‘Tiger’ and ‘elephant’ as metaphors for Asian economies are misleading at best. In the Indian case, they make a mockery of the crisis around us. »

An economy run by rent-seekers

Our policies endorse rent-based growth, where land is prized for its speculative, rather than productive, potential. »

Interest rate only a smokescreen

The impediments to investment lie elsewhere – in delayed project clearances, corruption and lack of policy credibility. »

Rahul Gandhi’s tryst with reality

Rahul Gandhi is dismayed by centralisation of power. But that’s how it has always been – development by a few, for a few. »

Sick economy, clueless doctors

An interest rate cut will not help in reducing inflation. It will only aid rent-seekers and speculators. »
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