B. S. Raghavan joined the West Bengal IAS cadre in 1952 and was the Commissioner of various Departments. He also served as the Chief Secretary of Tripura. He was Director, Political and Security Policy Planning in the Union Home Ministry and the Secretary, National Integration Council during the period of the first four Prime Ministers. He was a US Congressional Fellow and Policy Adviser to UN (FAO), and Chairman of three UN Committees. He has been chief executive of four major public sector enterprises. He is now a columnist and author, connected with social service and educational organisations.

Arrogance of office to ordeal of retirement

Retirement is a traumatic turning point in the life of a person who has enjoyed the perks of a job, especially the financial security it provides, for 35 years or more. The more the trappings that... »

Turning tables at corporate boards

I found the worker-directors to be the most diligent, thorough and responsible of the lot. »

Making lift operator think like CEO!

I could rephrase the title in several other ways too. Here are a few, and you can have your pick: Making the traffic constable think like the Director-General of Police; the bill clerk like the bo... »

Are we heading for a total moral collapse?

India had always been viewed as a land of contrasts, with diametrically opposite contentions cosily existing side by side. At no time has this phenomenon assumed so grotesque a form as in the past... »

Equal say for Executive in Judges’ selection

Under India’s Constitution, every Supreme Court Judge shall be appointed by the President after consultation with such of the Judges of the Supreme Court (SC) and of the High Courts in the States a... »

Risky gamble or rational gambit?

The US is all set to open parleys with a delegation of representatives of Talibans in Doha as part of the process of extricating itself from the mess it had created for itself in Afghanistan follo... »

Why do women take the back seat?

The question is pertinent to all regions of the world, all religious persuasions and all cultures. A few women in politics, public life and commanding positions in government or corporate sector,... »

A brother’s tribute to a brother

B. Raman was always so full of life, so full of ideas on security, intelligence and the fight against terrorism. »

Leadership crisis in India Inc

CEOs do not take interest in human resource development. »

Infosys needs a strategic shake-up

Narayana Murthy’s return is not the ideal solution. »
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