B. S. Raghavan joined the West Bengal IAS cadre in 1952 and was the Commissioner of various Departments. He also served as the Chief Secretary of Tripura. He was Director, Political and Security Policy Planning in the Union Home Ministry and the Secretary, National Integration Council during the period of the first four Prime Ministers. He was a US Congressional Fellow and Policy Adviser to UN (FAO), and Chairman of three UN Committees. He has been chief executive of four major public sector enterprises. He is now a columnist and author, connected with social service and educational organisations.

Winning the war for talent

The war for talent has intensified — round the globe, and in India, across every field and every profession. Attrition is up, loyalty is down, if not out. Organisations are desperate to find and k... »

Citizens' right to grievance redress

The Citizens' Right to Grievance Redress Bill, 2011, published by the Union Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances for ascertaining the comments of the public, is a truly salut... »

Bonding for peace is the only way

Is a repeat attack on India still a live option in China's strategic calculations? No security analyst on the Indian side dares to say no. So deep is the hurt to the Indian psyche caused by the 19... »

Indian and Chinese sagas can run in parallel

Just as there are Generals who are fighting the last war, there are those in charge of running countries who are still preparing for a world that is on its way to extinction. That explains their i... »

India as an equipoise to China

In my previous column (“What explains China's hypnotic spell?”, Business Line, October 30) I had outlined some of the factors that had made China the cynosure of the world. China's colourfu... »

What explains China's hypnotic spell?

There is an unceasing flood of academic and journalist writings, as also seminars and workshops, on China, with no end in sight. The irresistible attraction the country holds for governments, thin... »

Anna must replace his team forthwith

Anna's movement hinges on adherence to total transparency; any compromise on this principle could see support base collapsing. »

Untrodden terrain, untested rebels

First, President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia, who was lucky to escape to Saudi Arabia with his life and wife, reportedly carrying 1.5 tonnes gold, valued at 45 million euros. Both have sinc... »

Stop meddling with RTI

Any more exemptions from disclosure under the RTI Act will only discredit the UPA Government. »

Anger of the masses is on the boil

Unmistakable evidence is piling up pointing to the conclusion that worldwide, established authorities — governments, banking and financial institutions or even familial setups — whose diktats were... »
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