B. S. Raghavan joined the West Bengal IAS cadre in 1952 and was the Commissioner of various Departments. He also served as the Chief Secretary of Tripura. He was Director, Political and Security Policy Planning in the Union Home Ministry and the Secretary, National Integration Council during the period of the first four Prime Ministers. He was a US Congressional Fellow and Policy Adviser to UN (FAO), and Chairman of three UN Committees. He has been chief executive of four major public sector enterprises. He is now a columnist and author, connected with social service and educational organisations.

Dynastic succession sanctified at Jaipur?

One point that goes greatly in Rahul’s favour is that he has not misused his position to browbeat or harass. »

Chaos in Pakistan is true to script

As at the moment of writing, there is confusion over where Pakistan is heading. The only thing clear is that it is up against yet another spell of turmoil. Tahir ul-Qadri, the charismatic... »

Whither social networking sites?

I have long been puzzled as well as fascinated by the explosive growth of the social networking sites (SNS) such as Facebook, MySpace, Linked-In, Pinterest, Twitter, Orkut and many others... »

Public opinion as a factor of governance

No opportunity is lost by public figures about India being the largest democracy in the world, but it does not pass the one litmus test of a true, genuine democracy: Respect for public opi... »

Fostering wide-spectrum individuals

I have borrowed the word ‘broadband’ from the Internet terminology for general application, as it is expressive of a certain need that I consider imperative for deepening and broadening the quality... »

Is growth the sole basis of prosperity?

The dormant debate on the merits and demerits of different models of development has been revived, at least in India, following the publication of the book with the ponderous title, India’s... »

American fiscal cliff-hanger

The frenetic hurly-burly witnessed in the past few weeks to resolve the fiscal ‘gridlock’ (deadlock) that had paralysed the US Administration and the US Congress is by no means the first of its kin... »

How another CM kept to time

Statutory warning: Reading this may leave you with a smirk on your face! The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa, was recently reported to have walked out of the National Deve... »

New Year vows for young politicians

Young politicians should resist the entry of criminals into politics. »

India diminished by rape victim’s death

It is not that only the girl has died. A part of all of us has also died with her. »
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