C. Gopinath is a professor and dean of the Jindal Global Business School, Sonepat, Delhi NCR, and is on the faculty of the Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University, Boston, USA. Prior to his academic career, he held executive positions at leading companies. His areas of specialization are strategic management and international business. His research has been published in several academic journals. His books include Globalization: A multidimensional system (2014, McGrawHill Education) and Strategize! Experiential exercises in strategic management 4ed. (2013, Cengage/ South-Western, with J. Siciliano).

Why ranking rankles

Fulfilling the desire to compare everything and everyone has become a profitable business today »

Keeping a watch on executive pay

How much is too much? Who will keep tabs? »

Mall away your time

Malls are emblematic of our consumerist culture. They live or die with the economy »

You can’t do a McDonald’s with IITs

Government can't do it all, all the time »

India’s virtually challenged universities

In the emerging era of the digital classroom, brick-and-mortar universities need to figure out how to stay relevant. »

Send out positive vibes, UGC

Institutions will innovate and excel only if they are built on a foundation of trust. »

When ‘lobbying’ becomes corruption

The right to be heard in policy formulation is one thing. But when one goes beyond that, it is another matter. »

Can Brazil rescue Portugal?

Europe’s erstwhile colonial power needs a vision of its place in the future. »

Banks can rescue sinking businesses

Indian banks must do some firm hand-holding at the right time. »

Can bureaucracies ever be efficient?

Decision-makers shouldn't be subjected to a witch-hunt. »
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