Travelling into the future

As the airports of tomorrow gear up to meet passenger expectations, social change and technological evolution will change their ecosystem radically, predicts Amadeus in its new report. »

Miele's recipe for growth

Starting off from a butter churn, German company Miele has come to position itself as a luxury appliances brand away from home. »

Of mascots and animal magnetism

Wherever you go the furry creatures follow. It's not just Vodafone that has discovered the safest and surest way to bump up brand equity. Go on to Facebook and you can't escape stories about Beast... »

KLM gets flighty and flirty

Dutch airline KLM is going full throttle to engage with its passengers through wacky promotions and good-natured bets. »

It's app all the way

The world has gone apps-crazy. And developers want the tiny gadget to do every job on earth - whether needed or not. Think: how many of the applications on your mobile phone do you use?... »

You have my name, I have your mail!

The curious case of an inbox flooded with namesakes' mails. »

The craft of category creation

A spirit of selflessness, among other things, goes into the making of a new market segment. »

Bitter and sweet partings

People marry their workplace and treat their spouse like work. Turning it around may help. »

An endorsement for endorsements

A new study looks at the economic impact of Oprah Winfrey's Book Club and finds that endorsements have important spill-over benefits for a brand. »

Parachuting into innovation

Marico chairman Harsh Mariwala, who runs a well-oiled company, says innovation is the genesis of branding. »
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