P. V. Indiresan taught for forty years in the IIT system and was Director, IIT Madras. He is a past President of the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers and of the Indian National Academy of Engineering. Among his several awards are the Padma Bhushan, Honarary Member ship of the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers, US, and the Honorary Doctorate from the Karnataka Technical University. He is a frequent writer on socio-economic development.

Corruption, a systemic problem

Politicians should be paid well, so that they stay away from making money in administration. Onus for decisions, such as purchasing copters, should vest in an individual. »

Finding resources for education

The rich can be taxed more by using the proceeds to run a school of their choice, giving them a say in the use of funds. »

Justice, at slow speed

The Indian judicial system can wear you down by its slow and grinding process. »

Nurturing a Rurban habitat

Under the Rurbanisation model, medium industries and businesses could shift to villages and bring with them middle-class professionals to live in the new habitat. A similar initiative is being taken in Gujarat. »

Collapse of the rule of law

The ongoing debate on the punishment to be meted out to rapists should not overlook a basic point – justice delayed is justice denied. »

Are quotas for promotion in govt services justified? - NO

D uring the Constituent Assembly debates, B. R. Ambedkar pleaded that reservation be allowed for a fixed period of 40 years only, with no possibility of extension. Typical of our... »

Some policy tips for Modi

Modi’s advantage is that no competitor has the desire to make urban spaces liveable for the poor. However, any such move will be stoutly resisted by vested interests. »

How about a Right to Shelter?

To house a population of 2 billion, India needs 6 per cent of its land area. This may not be difficult, considering we have 15 per cent uncultivable land. »

A tax formula to beat inflation

Inflation is directly related to increases in income. If changes in income are taxed, or weaned away in the form of loans to the government, inflation can be taken care of. »

Decongest cities, the PURA way

With the provision of urban amenities in rural areas, mega cities, with all the attendant risks arising out of high population density, will cease to be necessary. »
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