Regulators, get serious

The RBI and SEBI should apply their respective ‘25 per cent’ norms more seriously. »

How large chit funds cheat

Chit funds are fine as a kind of self-help group for those with modest means. Once they grow, like Saradha, they become dubious. »

Are NBFCs our own Swiss banks?

It is possible to unearth the black money in NBFCs and cooperative banks. »

Pharma patents: Lump it or leave it

Pharma MNCs cannot keep inventions a secret in perpetuity. Hence, the role of patents which provide them a 20-year cover. »

Take up TDS problems with deductors, Delhi High Court tells taxmen

Is the taxman not giving you credit for tax deducted at source (TDS) from your income? The Delhi High Court, in a recent ruling, has provided some relief. It has stated that if credit for TDS... »

We take on Cyprus, why not Switzerland?

Switzerland, a formidable black money haven, has never been brought to book. »

Companies Bill could boost corporate democracy

Directors pushing their agendas may not have their way any longer. The Companies Bill 2012 seeks to bring about a paradigm change in the way the boardroom operates. »

Royalty not payable on what is returned to the earth: Court

Royalty is payable to State governments only on the metal content extracted. Tailings and rejects dumped back into the earth obviously are not metals mined and, to that extent, royalty cannot be l... »

Honchos rake it in, no questions asked

Europe’s ‘say-on-pay’ campaign finds no resonance in India. »

Direct tax proposals sensible, but need tweaking

Buyback of shares has as many adherents as detractors. Share capital, once considered sacrosanct and beyond tinkering by company managements so as to protect creditors’ interests, can now be playe... »
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