Lost purpose

The Government should take serious note of the points made by Charan Singh in ‘A bad idea in the E... »

IT is growing

This is with reference to the editorial “Ground zero”(February 24). Indian IT needs to be confiden... »

Too much manipulation

NPAs are growing and the issue is becoming increasingly critical. The performance and quality of b... »

Interest’s fair

This refers to ‘There’s no banking without interest’ by Mohamed Ashrafulla (February 22). Interest ... »

Better management

There is no evidence to show that periodic presentations on themes concerning crucial areas of man... »

Enriching defaulters

This is with reference to the editorial, ‘Devil in the detail’ (February 20). The sale of assets to ARCs has been a grey area , since haircuts up to 40 per cent of asset values were allowed and defa... »

Big hoax

This refers to ‘No jobs, no skills: What a sorry state’ by Rajani Sinha and Nitika Bawa (February 16). No doubt skill development of is one way of creating jobs but the number of jobs available is a... »

Welcome judgement

It was a remarkable coincidence that the Supreme Court’s judgment convicting VK Sasikala came about at a time when she staked claim to power. The verdict could not have come at a more opportune momen... »

Income issues

This refers to ‘The UBI’s time may have come’ by Madan Sabnavis (February 10). The Universal Basic Income amount should be unconditional but limited in value. This is because India is still a poor c... »

Cut cash out

The editorial ‘Not a open book’ (February 8) talks about the pros and cons of electoral funding through electoral bonds. However, the government could have done away with cash donations as it would ... »

Great cartoon

Looks like Dipankar Bhattacharya’s cartoon (By the Way, February 6) perfectly describes the status of Indian PSBs vis-à-vis black-marketeers. Although PSBs have been directed to follow the guideline... »


The FM in his budget speech appears to have simply dressed up the President’s address at the session opening, with figures at appropriate places. The preponderance of intent over content was inevitab... »

No comparison

This refers to ‘Digital push: Insurance soon for your money in mobile wallets’ (January 30). Money in the mobile wallet cannot be compared with savings in banks. Banks do their lending operations out... »

Elections and reforms

This refers to ‘President backs simultaneous polls with riders’ (January 26). The issue of simultaneous polls to Parliament and the Assembly needs to be debated. People are fed up with frequent elec... »

There’s no encouragement

This is with reference to ‘Tearing down small-town barriers to encourage innovations’ by Meera Siva (January 24). We have not contributed much to the world in terms of inventions and new ideas. Skype... »

The jallikattu uprising

Revoke the ban

Ready to move

Demonetisation optics

Total lack of planning

The Indian situation

Only pain, no gain

What awaits Palaniswami

The new chief minister of Tamil Nadu faces a host of pending issues. The agrarian crisis has been put on the back-burner for one reason or the other. We should also consider how the events of the la... »

Greed games

The greed for money and power, through arrogance and manipulation, landed VK Sasikala into deep trouble. Jayalalithaa escaped but the hard-working and intelligent Tamil people got a raw deal. A prog... »

What’s bad, what’s good

This refers to your edit, ‘A bankable idea’ (February 13). ‘Bad banks’ are a bad idea to tackle the NPA mess. Merely transferring the bad assets to a new entity will not make them performing assets.... »

Drama in politics

The turmoil in Tamil Nadu is being followed with great interest. O Paneerselvam was completely loyal to Jayalalithaa. Sasikala was a close confidante of Jayalalithaa. OPS has never had the opportuni... »

Hardly rosy

The road to chief ministership is certainly not paved with roses for VK Sasikala with the disproportionate assets case against her looming large, a plea pending in the Supreme Court against oath-tak... »

Out the frauds

RBI deputy governor, SS Mundra, has given good advice on how to quickly identify a fraudulent borrower. Delay in red-flagging fraud usually occurs because staff working in the loans department lack t... »

End of the marginalised?

Though the numbers of listed entities may be encouraging, it cannot be a barometer to gauge the effect of demonetisation. SMEs and retail trade are the worst-affected. Many hawkers and roadside vend... »

CITU is right

This is with reference to the editorial ‘CITU is Wrong’ (January 19). We do not subscribe to your perception and outlook that failure is an inherent part of business. CITU stands resolutely by its s... »

The tax vision

Taxation has helped rulers serve society since time immemorial. The Indian direct tax system is based on the vision of creating an enabling policy environment and augmenting the revenue mobilisation... »

Troubling tracks

Train mishaps can’t be attributed to the driver alone. It could be due to a systemic failure in adhering to the safety standards or lack of proper systems. The rail network needs sophisticated metho... »

Ethical decisions

Battle for UP

Bank on them

Depends on implementation

Complex calculations

Policy and execution

A year in distress

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