Modi effect worked

In “The equation underlying the Modi wave” (October 21), Poornima Joshi relies essentially on ch... »

Discount deewane

Most people have a habit of buying unnecessary things especially if available at so-call... »

Growth woes

This refers to the article “Stop this dithering on banking reforms” by SS Tarapore (Octo... »

Smoke signals

This refers to “Getting ‘Make in India’ right” by R Srinivasan (October 16). Several sig... »

Find a solution

This refers to the editorial, “Taking cover” (October 15).The issue of unhedged exposure... »

Off target, and on

The writers of “The absurd clamour for labour market reforms” (October 14), Jayati Ghosh and CP Chandrashekar, miss the point when they consider the clamour for labour market reforms as on... »

Much to learn

The editorial, “Unmake in India” (October 10), is a meaningful analysis of why we rank 134 out of 189 nations in ease of doing business . Granted that Nokia should have been penalised for... »

Still controversial

The news item, “Taking the RNAi route to disable genes, control pest attacks on crops’ (October 8) is about something that is fundamentally not very different from the now controversial GM... »

Take the first step

The seemingly ‘gently-written article, “A serious hurdle to Swachh Bharat” by Narendar Pani (October 6) offers pertinent suggestions and pointers to make the Clean India drive more effective and l... »

Swachh Bharat

The Swachh Bharat drive launching today is apparently a welcome initiative. But when it is thrust on schoolchildren and government employees to boost a leader’s image and create an illusio... »

Rise and fall

The conviction and resultant loss of office and face of J Jayalalithaa in the disproportionate assets case has changed the political complexion of Tamil Nadu. No doubt Jayalalithaa will ke... »

Parting ways

The BJP-Shiv Sena break-up has come as significant political development for its potential to produce significant changes in the electoral fortunes of political parties in Maharashtra. »

Profits and peace

With reference to the editorial, “Making in India” (September 23), Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s effort to make India the manufacturing hub of the world is desperately needed to save our industri... »

Why this archaic practice?

I have an annuity policy of ICICI Prudential, on which an annuity of ₹283 per month is payable to me. It is credited to my bank account every month. Every year the insurance company asks f... »

Disturbing disparity

The report “2 out of 3 Indians are financially struggling” by Shishir Sinha (September 17) is disturbing. Categorisation along five elements is a realistic method of measuring the status o... »

Handle the heat

The Chinese challenge

The force is with us

A question of impartiality

Don’t burn money

Beyond SEBI

Mostly welcome

Repeal AFSPA

Scientific advancements

Though the cyclone Hud Hud caused widespread destruction to property, the number of casualties were limited. Both the Central and State governments deserve credit for carrying out such a m... »

Welcome change

This refers to your editorial, ‘Caveat venditor’ (October 9). It is a welcome change for consumers to order and get the goods delivered at their residence, that too at competitive r... »

Be prepared

This refers to the article, “The importance of labour statistics” by Bender, Heining and Krishnan (October 7). The issues raised are very relevant when the entire India growth story is und... »

The saath-saath moment

The Prime Minister’s address at the UNGA and Madison Square Garden, his meetings with Barack Obama and top business leaders were well received. His PR was good too. His cleaning in public... »

Gold’s no good

This refers to your editorial, “Golden opportunity” (September 30). Whatever action we take on the imports front we should have an eye on CAD. There is the risk of US interest rate hikes d... »

What’s the point?

It seems as though the judiciary is passing sweeping orders, without knowing their implications. Take the Madras High Court order saying the the intentions behind an RTI application should... »

Engage, engage

Your leader, “Engaging Uncle Sam” (September 24), is a timely reminder to reshape the ideas that forge more informed engagement with the US as a possible strategic partner. At the same tim... »

Call for alertness

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s enthusiasm to improve relations with neighbouring and SAARC nations is commendable. The Chinese president’s visit raised hopes that tensions with China would... »

100-day setback

This is with reference to your editorial, “Course correction” (September 18). The disappointing results within 100 days of its government is definitely a setback for the BJP, especially in... »

Only good governance

This refers to the report “Public sector banks should not be seen ‘as an extension of the Govt’ ”(September 16). The ‘ownership rights’ being exercised by the finance ministry over PSUs, i... »

Creative teaching

Surprising lessons

Shut them down


FCI clarifies

Peace carries a price

No time to rest

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