Women in politics

“Gender bias in Indian elections” (April 23) by Sudipta Sarangi and Chandan K Jha highlighted several troubling issues. How sad it is that in the electoral process, where women outnumber m... »

Mining ban lifted in Goa

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No five-day week for PSBs

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High-speed trains

While “High-speed trains are coming” (April 18) talks of interesting projects, the planners would do well to keep in mind the debate raging in Britain on the advisability of going ahead wi... »

Mom and pop stores

This refers to the article “That retail FDI bogey again”(April 17). The BJP is just playing politics on this issue. Once it is in power it will concede and allow FDI in retail. India has... »

Improve data collection

The editorial ‘Data distortions’ (April 16) deserves serious attention from statisticians, administrators, surveyors and policy-makers at all levels in think-tanks, State and Central Gover... »

Taxing times for auditors

In connection with “Auditors feel the heat: Special meeting convened to discuss new tax rules” (April 10), it is obvious that the Ministry of Corporate Affairs is following the policy of divide an... »

Fine balance

With reference to “Procurement challenge in public services” by TV Somanathan (April 10), while purchasing goods and services for personal use we arrive at a fine balance between quality a... »

Promises not to keep

This is with reference to your editorial, “A bit of this and a bit of that” (April 8). In fact, the BJP’s manifesto has been reduced to a political ritual, which every party has to perform... »

The Imam and Sonia

How is it the Shahi Imam is openly saying the people of his community should support the Congress? Is that not a violation of the secular principles enshrined in our Constitution and the code of c... »

Withdraw the notes

The RBI has instructed that all currency notes issued prior to 2005 be withdrawn, a move apparently aimed at curbing black money and fake notes. Surprisingly, though, banks themselves supp... »

What an idea, sirjee!

While most of the top Congress leaders are abstaining from contesting the elections for fear of failure, defence minister AK Antony is hinting at the possibility of forming a fresh secular front w... »

Analyse this

The Business Line dated March 27 carries a photograph of the prime minister, Congress president Sonia Gandhi and vice-president Rahul Gandhi holding the party manifesto. I request y... »

Timely advice

Anand Mahindra’s exhortation to young MBAs to become entrepreneurs (“The age of entrepreneurship awaits”, March 25) is timely. Risk-taking and creativity are two key attributes and both th... »

Curious case

This is with reference to “BJP stitches alliance with 5 parties in Tamil Nadu” (March 21). It is interesting to see how parties that had ostracised the BJP all these years are now enthusia... »

Ground reality

Right on

Subsidy impact

Centralise KYC

Sweeping changes

Risky transaction

Moral responsibility

Admirable admiral

Impetus to PPP

This is with reference to the editorial “The next infra boom” (April 15). Indeed, at a time when the country is suffering from a huge shortage of investments in infrastructure, the PPP rou... »

Come clean

Columns prescribed for age, sex and marital status in an official form are usually filled in faithfully and sworn to be true. Anyone giving false or misleading information about... »

Taming Mamata

Conducting the election with an 800 million-strong electorate is a mammoth exercise that requires the full co-operation of all political parties. If holding a “free and fair” poll is of pa... »

Fooling the voters

The analysis by Narendar Pani (“Defective vision crashing the parties”, April 7) is interesting. Very few MPs and parties mean what they say. They only want to impress and fool the voters;... »

Respect the anthem

When the national anthem was played during a cricket match recently, I wondered: “Do we respect the anthem?” The answer is no. We are so enthusiastic about the match we forget we should respect it... »

Check facts

It is well-known that the government had opposed the release of the Italian marines for the Christmasholidays. The Supreme Court set aside the protestations and allowed them to go on human... »

Corrupted absolutely

This is with reference to the article “Time to talk the walk” by Amar Babu (March 28). The gains of the post-1991 new economic policies were lost after 2004. Along with neo-liberal economi... »

Cosmetic change

Clearly, the election battle is not so much between hindutva and secularism as between hindutva and caste. It’s true Dalits and members of OBCs are co-opted into the party an... »

Great idea

With reference to “Why pay a price for honesty?” by Vinod Sharma (March 24) , it’s good to see there are still people with integrity who want to change the system. Sanjay Trip... »

Modi’s growing clout

The BJP central election committee’s decision to persuade patriarch LK Advani to refrain from moving away from his home turf in Gandhinagar in Narendra Modi-ruled Gujarat to Bhopal in Shivraj Sing... »

Pay up, students

Develop village industries

Banking mess

Similar issues

The innovation effect

Narrow view

Nostalgic ride

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