Spicy turbulence

Cash-strapped SpiceJet blotted its copybook after 150 flights out of the 243 scheduled s... »

Barbaric attack

By massacring school kids in a military-run school in Peshawar, the Taliban has displaye... »

GST’s time has come

The possibility of confusion and fear of litigation should not be reasons for postponing... »

Sane voice

This refers to ‘Arun Jaitley and his frenemies’ by Poornima Joshi (December 15). Jaitley is a cr... »

Clear the confusion

I am in full agreement with Prabhakaran Nair (‘The mad chase after Bt brinjal’, December... »

Postman did not knock

A postman attached to Pogalur post office in Coimbatore district with 30 years of service failed to deliver thousands of postal articles. He was suspended pending enquiry. This is perhaps... »

No country for women

In light of the rape of a woman by a cab driver in New Delhi, ahead of the second anniversary of the December 16, 2012 incident, it seems that even 67 years after Independence, women in In... »

No more slogans, please

The formation of Janata Parivar is quite amusing in the sense that all the spent forces are coming together. The nation has already seen their work. They should not believe that they can change th... »

Guessing game

With reference to the editorial, ‘A matter of time’ (December 3), despite mounting pressure for a rate cut following a perceptible drop in the level of inflation and the economy stabilising, Raghu... »

Really unfortunate

This refers to ‘The loneliness of Arvind Kejriwal’ by Poornima Joshi (December 1). If Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party have been pushed to the sidelines, the former is chiefly responsible... »

What do we bank on?

This with reference to the article, ‘Banks get away cooking the books’ by R Viswanathan (November 27). Of late, the core values in banking have deteriorated. After the arrest of SK Jain, former ch... »

Blatant looting by banks

Private sector bank milk customers through various unethical service charges without informing them. The amounts are quietly debited without intimation (not even an SMS) and the customer detects t... »

The more the merrier

The merger between Kotak Mahindra Bank and ING Vysya Bank is very much the need of the hour. The move is logical and proactive in all senses. Needless to say, the major concern as of now i... »

Always late

With reference to the editorial, ‘The wages of inefficiency’ (November 19), project cost over-runs come from a mixed parentage. Our ingrained PWD approach to evaluating and sanctioning pro... »

Everything costs

This refers to the article “Why this fuss over the price of milk?” by A Narayanamoorthy and P Alli (November 17). The increase by about 30 per cent of the prevailing price itself is an unj... »

Settle it soon

When the going’s good

Entrepreneurship Day

Health is wealth

Trim the bureaucracy

Stash abroad

Anticipating reforms

Debt threat

Make it count

This refers to the news item ‘SBI launches first homegrown economic index’ (December 10). The SBI Composite Index is said to be a robust indicator on macroeconomic variables such as credit... »

Let’s remain secular

India is a secular country. There are a lot of holy scriptures with all the philosophical and spiritual content to put individuals and society on the correct track. The Bhagwad Gita, which... »

Confused argument

This is with reference to the editorial, ‘Now, for the long-term fixes’ (December 4). You seem to be as confused as the government with regard to gold imports. Just because lower crude pri... »

Bank employees’ strike

Not satisfied with their one-day strike last month, 10-lakh strong bank employees are to repeat the same this week. Is there no law to exclude bank officers from going on strike or declare the str... »

The energy race

This is with reference to the report that Brent crude has plunged to 4-year low. In the 1970s soaring oil prices led to massive transfers of national wealth. America spends half a trillion dollars... »

Hear them

The impressive turnout in the first phase of J&K polls is a welcome development. Voters should be congratulated for rejecting the separatists’ call for boycott. This shows people of J&... »

Get on track

This refers to the editorial, ‘Rebooting the Railways’ (November 24). The Railways grew from a single kilometre of track before 1848 to become one of the world’s largest networks comprising more t... »

A hole lot of air

According to NCP chief Sharad Pawar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an expert in marketing. But everyone knows that firstly, Modi does whatever he says, and secondly, he has no vested interests i... »

Banks let off

With reference to the editorial, ‘In a fix’ (November 18), the regulators have penalised the six banks but not penalised or charged individuals/traders involved in the scandal. Also, the... »

A bad model

Prima facie evidence supports the allegation that the Minister of State for Education Ram Shankar Katheria altered mark sheets to show that he had higher marks than he was actually awarded... »

Better selection process

Timely but tough

Wise decision

Powerful tool

Manage right

Timely intervention

Familiarity breeds efficiency

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