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Can CPI inflation stay within RBI’s tolerance band?

Aditi Nayar

Food prices have pushed inflation higher but it is likely to retreat »
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Impediments to economic transmission

Sanjay Shah

Monetary and fiscal policy should go in tandem to create better economic impact »
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Why are stock markets so gung-ho?

Lokeshwarri S K

Easy money policy of global central banks is a prime driver behind markets’ performance »
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Flexible inflation targeting can be a challenge

rajeev radhakrishnan

Implementation problems in meeting low inflation goals may hamper policy credibility »
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Opee scam — a deft judgment

Mukesh Butani

Zero tolerance towards market manipulators will revive confidence in securities market »

Go Figure

The company whose CEO is featured above announced a second quarter increase in earnings per share of around 20 per cent compared to the year-ago period. Name the companySend your response to blgofigur... »
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Welcome changes to Bankruptcy Code

Aashit Shah

The much awaited Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code received the President’s nod on May 28, 2016. The Code was a decently written piece of legislation with laudable but ambitious intentions. It is stil... »
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Gains guaranteed but will take time


Mahesh Patil

GST implementation will benefit corporate earnings and equity investors »
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Measured response to high frequency trading


Indian exchanges will benefit from HFT , but they need to tread with caution »
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India can’t rest on its laurels


Despite improving macro-economic fundamentals, growth has been, and will be, slow to pick up »
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India, the way ahead for global transport sector


Aviation, rail, road and shipping see it offering best investment opportunities »

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The company whose CEO is featured above reported about 2 per cent drop in second quarter earnings ending June compared to the year ago period. Name the company Send your response to »

FinTech — low hanging fruit for fraudsters


As technology scales new heights, financial fraud risk deepens »
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Dealing with SEBI’s delisting order

Pavan Kumar Vijay

The regulator’s action may not go down smoothly with Regional stock exchanges »

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The Danish company whose Group CEO is featured above is considering restructuring its business, among other options, as part of its strategic review. Name the company. Send your response to »

Why manufacturing investments are sputtering


Low CPI target has led to high real interest rates for the sector »
GST Impact

GST Impact: A win-win situation


Rajeev Dimri

The Rajya Sabha has passed the GST Bill, paving the way for the most significant tax reform and probably the second-most significant economic reform since Independence. With the Bill’s passage, the ad... »
Meet the CEO

At the right ‘junction’ of online action

VIRESH OBEROI, CEO & MD, mjunction


mjunction is a pioneer in holding auctions for steel and coal through its online platform »

A lowdown on the major ports Bill


The regulation is a good start, but there's a long way to go »
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Lethal impact of Brexit

Ritika Mankar

Globally, markets seem to be celebrating the fact that with Brexit looming, developed country central banks will now be maintaining a more accommodative stance than previously expected. However, this ... »
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‘Sagarmala — tax sops to attract investors’

Seetharaman R

The implementation roadmap for over 150 projects will span two decades »
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‘Cheaper electricity is not all that easy’

Maulik Madhu

The coal linkages of power plants have to be reassigned. Only then will it be possible »
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Look beyond the Exits


“Rexit” and “Brexit” hit the Indian markets by surprise. In the recent period, even with these events, Indian equity market has been the most resilient amongst the global markets. The benchmark index... »

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