Private banks geared for Basel III

With the introduction of Basel III norms, Indian banks’ minimum capital requirement, as a proportion of risk-weighted assets, is set to rise in the next six years. »      1 comment

Asian banks must customise its approach

Serving the Asian Affluent presents a challenge for banks. The ability to connect and integrate resources within the bank to serve the Asian Affluent will be the single biggest advantage that any bank can have. »

Profiting from financial inclusion

The Government’s Financial Inclusion Plan (FIP) for providing banking facilities to all six lakh villages in the country has its share of critics. »      1 comment

Research Bytes - Accounting opacity

Banks which are opaque when reporting earnings may easily deny the market-relevant information when things are relatively calm. But, when a crisis strikes and stresses become more evident,... »

Reserve ratios and the money multiplier effect

Bangalore 05/07/2010 : Picture for Public Eye Curruption story. Bribe exchange hands under the table. Photo: K. Gopinathan Recently, there has been much discussion on whether the RBI would consider changing its reserve ratio to alter credit availability in the economy. What is reserve ratio and how does it affect mone... »      1 comment
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