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Youngsters turn to Net to help student community keep in touch..

Heard the latest?
Heard the latest?

L.N. Revathy

People look up newspapers to know the happenings in a town/city. FM radio channels air the schedule of events everyday as also the local TV channels.

Though the information spread appears wide, students, as a group, are often left wondering ‘what is happening, when and where.’

Take, for instance, a seminar-cum-workshop on cyber security/networking that an aspiring engineer cannot afford to miss, or competitions, culturals happening across campuses.

Unless the host institution extends invitation to other schools/colleges in the vicinity and the message is conveyed appropriately, the information may not reach the target group.

“I used to look for opportunities and events to participate, right from the time I was in school. Then, I would send SMS alerts to friends whenever I came across some interesting event,” recalls Manikandan, now a final year engineering student at Amrita University. Manikandan, along with childhood pal Suresh Kumar (now a student at Vellore Institute of Technology), yearned to bridge the information gap between students and student-related campus events and opportunities.

They turned to the Web. The duo have developed an education Web service portal,

The site provides information on the latest curricular and extra-curricular happenings at various campuses across the country.

“Students can register for free, set SMS alert, find new friends, submit technical work — be it big or small, an innovation or adopted improvisation and have it listed in Google Search results. It does add value to one’s CV,” says Manikandan.

The site is being managed by a nationwide network of students.

“There are about 500 hits/day and over 13,000 visitors spread across 60 towns and cities have viewed our pages since the launch in October last.

The response from non-engineering institutions is tremendous,” says Manikandan.

“You can meet so many people now, get expert guidance and views, participate in contests, have your work published on the Net and widen your contacts by accessing those that you would never have otherwise,” he says.

(This article was published in the Business Line print edition dated January 26, 2009)

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