With the help of police, JSW Steel has cracked down on counterfeit lookalikes of JSW Colouron+, its popular colour-coated product.

The company conducted raids in Maharashtra, NCR (National Capital Region), Karnataka and Tamil Nadu with the support of local law enforcement authorities and confiscated over 780 counterfeit steel sheets during the raids.

Cheap imports

Jayant Acharya, Director (Commercial & Marketing), JSW Steel, told BusinessLine that the inferior quality colour-coated sheets are imported from Vietnam and China and sold as JSW product at 15-20 per cent discount.

He said import of poor quality colour-coated sheets had more than trebled in first seven months of this fiscal to 291,000 tonnes from 84,000 tonnes.

JSW has come out with quality marking which is non-erasable and can be easily checked by the consumers at the store during purchase.

(This article was published in the Business Line print edition dated December 8, 2017)

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