Thank you for downloading The BusinessLine app. Here's some help on how to use the app.
1. Your News. Your App. Your City.

Depending on your phone, you can get to the 'Preferences' screen by pressing the option key or tapping the menu icon. In the 'Preferences' Screen, enable location. This will automatically detect your location and show city news for that location on your home screen.If you want to always follow the news from one city, say your home town, tap on the city name in the home screen 'City News' section and choose your city from the drop-down list.

2. Follow your favorite subjects or topics.

Scroll to the bottom of the home screen and tap on "+Add sections" and add your favorite sections to the app's home screen.

3. Read whenever you want. Save articles for reading later.

When you are viewing an article, press the option key or tap the menu icon to bring up the context sensitive menu that will allow you to add the article to your favorites. You can tap on the 'Favourites' from the Menu and tap on the particular article in the favourites landing screen to read the article. You can then remove the article from the favourites by unchecking from the article saved option in preferences screen.

4. Read more, easily.

Swipe an article from right to left to get the next one from the section. Tap on the section labels in the home screen and section screens to go to the respective sections. That's it! Have a great experience.