World Cup Quiz

Joy Bhattacharjya

1 This one can be worked out. Even though four other countries had applied, why did FIFA decide to award the very first FIFA World Cup tournament to Uruguay?

2 Complete the sequence with one more name: Peter Beardsley, Steve Hodge, Peter Reid, Terry Butcher, Terry Fenwick and ... ?

3 This story is probably apocryphal, but the question is valid. When Tofik Bakhramov was on his deathbed, he was asked if he was sure about his decision. They say that his one word answer was ‘Stalingrad!’ Who is Tofik, and what is this story’s relevance in a World Cup quiz?

4 This Brazilian soccer player who was the top scorer in the 1938 World Cup, was unbelievably rested by Brazil for its semifinal match versus Italy to save him for the final. Unfortunately Brazil lost 2-1, this was one of the most controversial managerial decisions in World Cup history. Name the player.

5 Strictly not a World Cup question but it deserves to be in this quiz. National teams are not allowed to retire numbers, but AC Milan has retired legendary defender and World Cup star Paulo Maldini’s number #3. With one caveat! What is the caveat?

6 A couple of questions on strange team records. Which is the only team to havebeaten eventual champions and hosts West Germany? Hint, this can never happen again!

7 Another crazy record. Which team was eliminated from the 2006 World Cup despite not conceding a single goal in regulation time? They finally went out on penalties against Chile creating another record by missing all their shots!

8 “I thought that was a goal.”______ “You and me both.” ______ This is an exchange after probably the most famous save in World Cup history, during the1970 World Cup. Just fill in the blanks with the names of two legends of the sport.

9 Born at Weymouth in the UK, he became famous during his stay at Oberhausen in Germany. He retired in 2010 and died in October that year. Earlier that year, he was threatened in his home country and Spanish prime minister Jose Zapatero offered to send official State protection for him. I need a name and a story.

10 Ending with a sitter. Who came back to World Cup football in 1990 and became a star three years after retiring from soccer and settling down on the Island of Reunion?


1. They were the current Olympic champions, having won the title in 1936.

2. Peter Shilton. These are the players Maradona went past to score probably the goal of the century in the 1986 World Cup.

3. Tofik was the linesman in the 1966 England-West Germany final who had judged England striker Hurst’s shot to have gone over the line. Germans still regard that decision as unfair and Tofik’s supposed reference to one of the bloodiest battles between the Soviet Union and Germany obviously bolsters their case.

4. Leonidas Da Silva

5. If either of his two sons, Daniel and Christian play for AC Milan, they will wear the number. Currently both are stars in their youth teams.

6. East Germany

7. Switzerland

8. Pelé and Gordon Banks of England. Great save, but not enough to save England from defeat.

9. Paul the Octopus, who was a darling of the German fans predicting all their league matches right till he called a Spanish victory in the semifinals. He was right, and there were calls for him to be cooked and eaten.

10. Roger Milla

Joy Bhattacharjya is a quiz master, Director - Kolkata Knight Riders and author of Junior Premier League — The First XI

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Published on June 06, 2014


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