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Joy Bhattacharjya | Updated on July 17, 2021

Art factor: Jamini Roy, one of India’s foremost painters, was extremely influenced by the Kalighat Pat   -  SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

It’s the birth anniversary of French painter, Paul Delaroche whose paintings of historical scenes were hugely appreciated. This week’s quiz is about painters and paintings

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1. Which famous painting was inspired by the colour of the sunset the painter observed while on a walk in his native Oslo?

2. Jamini Roy was one of India’s foremost painters, extremely influenced by the Kalighat Pat, which defined his distinctive style. Under which leading painter’s tutelage, a pioneer of the Bengal school of art, did Jamini develop his craft?

3. Le Dejeuner sur l’Herbe was a 1863 painting that caused a scandal when it was released and the Salon in Paris refused to exhibit the nude. It was finally exhibited at the Salon des Refuses. Who was the painter of this work, regarded as an important landmark of the modern art movement?

4. Which French post-impression artist, relatively unrecognised during his lifetime is primarily remembered for his vivid depiction of scenes in Tahiti and the Marquesas islands, painted in the last few years of his life?

5. Le Café la Nuit, a café in the French city of Arles, is a pilgrimage for art lovers as it was being depicted in a painting by one of the most recognised painters in the world. Name the painter.

6. Dedham Vale is an area on the border of Essex and Suffolk in east England renowned for its exquisite scenery. It is often referred to as ______ Country, referring to a celebrated British painter. Fill in the blanks.

7. Which artist painted a series of posters for the Moulin Rouge cabaret when it opened in 1889, which included depictions of singer Yvette Guilbert and the celebrated dancer Jane Avril?

8. Which famous painting is a portrait of a lady named Anna McNeill who lived in London with her son after moving back from Russia?

9. Which famous painting was inspired by the events of April 26, 1937 in a Basque Town in northern Spain which was held by Republican Forces?

10. The Progressive Artists’ Group was formed just after partition with six founder members. Four were SK Bakre, K Hara, HA Gade and SH Raza. Name the other two, who went on to get lasting fame.


1. The Scream by Edvard Munch, scholars now believe the blood red colours he saw could have been the result of a volcanic eruption.

2. Abanindrananth Tagore, who was also a well-known writer.

3. Edouard Manet.

4. Frenchman Paul Gauguin.

5. Vincent van Gogh, he painted the Café Terrace at Night in 1888 just after moving from Paris to Arles.

6. Constable Country, his Dedham Vales paintings are regarded as classics.

7. Henri Toulose-Lautrec.

8. James Whistler’s Arrangement in Black and Grey, also often referred to as Whistler’s Mother.

9. Guernica by Pablo Picasso, on the request of the Nationalist faction, the Luftwaffe bombed the town to rubble.

10. FN Souza and MF Hussain.

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Published on July 17, 2021

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