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Joy Bhattacharjya | Updated on April 17, 2021

Crazy ball: Spin it like Muralitharan   -  THE HINDU / SUBRAHMANYAM VV

It’s the birthday of Muttiah Muralitharan — the man who took a staggering 800 test wickets. What better way to celebrate the occasion than with a quiz on all things that spin?


1 In 1764, James Hargreaves invented a type of frame that revolutionised textile manufacturing. His invention, improved by Richard Arkwright’s innovations on the original design, made England the centre of the world’s textile industry. By what name was Hargreaves’s invention more commonly known?

2 In which competitive sport would you come across the upright spin, the sit spin and the camel spin? If it helps, British athlete Cecilia Colledge is regarded as the inventor of the upright spin.

3 What is the name of the American sitcom about a New York Mayor’s office, originally starring Michael J Fox? Fox, after the onset of Parkinson’s disease, was replaced by Charlie Sheen.

4 Which Indian spinner entered politics and unsuccessfully contested against BR Ambedkar on a Congress ticket for a designated “Scheduled Caste” seat in the 1937 Bombay Legislative Assembly elections? Ambedkar was then representing the Independent Labour Party.

5 One of the theories regarding the origin of the term ‘spin doctor’ was that it was the brand name of a device used in a specific recreational sport. In which sport would you have come across the ‘spin doctor’ and what was its purpose?

6 Why does the India-England test in Birmingham in 1967 have a special place in Indian cricket history even though it ended in a disappointing defeat for India?

7 Which popular fairy tale, originally from Germany, tells the story of a miller who promises a king that his daughter can spin straw into gold and has to rely on an imp-like creature to make it happen?

8 On July 14, 1947, a committee appointed by the Viceroy recommended that the flag of the Indian National Congress be adopted as the Indian national flag with suitable modifications. What was the only major modification made to it?

9 While it may have been around before, the top-spin first came into widespread usage thanks to the exploits of a left-handed tennis genius who won 11 Grand Slam titles and five Davis Cup titles for his country. Name this tennis star.

10 Which popular casino game, which originated in 18th century France, involves a spinning wheel and literally means ‘little wheel’ in French?


1 The Spinning Jenny.

2 Figure Skating.

3 Spin City.

4 Palwankar Baloo — regarded as the first well-known Dalit cricketer.

5 Angling or fishing. It was a spinning metal tag that worked as a lure to attract predator fish.

6 It was the only test ever in which India’s legendary spin quartet — BS Bedi, BS Chandrasekhar, EAS Prasanna and S Venkatraghavan — played together.

7 Rumpelstiltskin — which was famously the name of the imp.

8 The ‘Charkha’ or spinning wheel in the Congress flag was replaced by the ‘Chakra’ or wheel from the Lion Capital of Ashoka. Gandhi was not very pleased, but finally accepted it.

9 Rod Laver of Australia.

10 Roulette.

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Published on April 17, 2021

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