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Joy Bhattacharjya | Updated on April 27, 2018 Published on April 27, 2018

Breaking records

On April 28, 45 years ago, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon went to number one in the US, eventually spending a record breaking 741 weeks in the charts. Not surprisingly, this quiz is about albums.

1 In 1994, which group released an album titled Hell Freezes Over and while we are at it, how did the album get its name?

2 The Beatles had a variety of other options — Four Sides of the Eternal Triangle, Magic Circles and Beatles on Safari before settling on the album name, Revolver. Which other Beatles album was originally titled Eight Arms to Hold You?

3 Film soundtrack album sales in India peaked in the ’90s. Which 1990 film with a soundtrack by Nadeem-Shravan remains the most popular album ever sold in the country, selling 20 million units?

4 On the same lines, purely on album sales, who were the most popular international artists in India in the ’80s.

5 After his last album Bleach, the lead singer of this band thought of all their blinfans and decided to name this album Sheep. Better sense prevailed, and this classic ’90s album which sold 30 million copies finally released with a different name. The band and the album name.

6 The 1940 release, Dust Bowl Ballads is regarded as one of the first ‘concept album’, dealing with the plight of migrant labourers in depression ridden America. Which pioneering singer and songwriter composed the album?

7 This British band were travelling around the US when they were taken to a desert where the lead singer was fascinated by the twisted Yucca Brevifolia plants. He finally decided to use both the name and the picture of the plant for their new album. Just name the group and the hugely successful album?

8 If Tommy is a rock opera by the Who about a deaf, mute and blind child, which rock opera of the early ’80s is about a schoolboy named Pink?

9 16/330 Khajoor Road is the sixth album of a well-regarded Indian band. The name of the album is the address of the bungalow in Karol Bagh, Delhi where they have been recording their music since 1997. Name the band.

10 This Hollywood film soundtrack of the ’90s one of the most acclaimed soundtracks, and introduced a legendary Asian musician to the West. It was also unique in having lyrical content written specifically from the point of view of specific characters — Suzanne Vega from the perspective of a nun, Steve Earle from the perspective of a guard and Bruce Springsteen from the point of view of a convict. Which film’s soundtrack?


1. The Eagles. They had split up in 1980, and when band member Don Henley was asked about the prospects of the group reuniting, he had quipped ‘when Hell freezes over’. Fourteen years later, they actually recorded together again.

2. Help, the title was a reference to the lyrics of the song, ‘From Me To You’

3. Aashiqui

4. Nazia and Zoheb Hassan, for their album Disco Deewane, which sold over 11 million units

5. Nirvana, Nevermind

6. Woodie Guthrie

7. U-2, Joshua Tree

8. Pink Floyd’s The Wall

9. Indian Ocean

10. Dead Man Walking, which also featured Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan




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Published on April 27, 2018
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