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Joy Bhattacharjya | Updated on December 06, 2019

Taking shelter: A quiz on refugees, on the day Albert Einstein got his US visa in 1932   -  THE HINDU

On this day in 1932, Albert Einstein, fleeing Germany, was granted a US visa. This is a quiz about refugees

1. Which famous musician’s parents fled his birth place of Zanzibar during the 1964 Zanzibar Revolution and settled in the subcontinent before finally moving to the UK in the late 1960s?

2. This German philosopher became stateless when he gave up his Prussian citizenship in 1848 and then was expelled from France. Name this controversial 19th-century writer who spent his final years in England.

3. If Albert Einstein, key to the US nuclear programme, moved from Germany, which Nobel Prize winning physicist who also had a huge part to play in the same programme moved with his family to America to escape Italy’s anti-semitic laws?

4. Alexander Alekhine is widely regarded as one of the greatest chess players ever. Though he was born in Russia, he fled the country in 1921 and decided to settle and represent another country in his sport. Which country was he representing when he became World Champion in 1927?

5. Which renowned author is a refugee from a South American country which she had to flee after her father’s cousin was overthrown in a coup in 1973? If it helps, they share a surname.

6. Which critically acclaimed and commercially successful novel is about a boy, Amir, who escapes from Afghanistan with his father after the Soviet invasion and finally moves to California after some time at a refugee camp in Peshawar?

7. Who, in 1984, became the most famous refugee from the Nasir Bagh refugee camp in Pakistan? A description will also suffice.

8. Which Austrian-born filmmaker who fled to the US in 1933 became the first to win the Oscars for Best Producer, Director and Screenwriter for his film The Apartment?

9. Svetlana Alliluyeva caused a diplomatic furore when she defected to the US in 1967 before returning to the Soviet Union in 1984. She was also the partner of an Indian communist, Brajesh Singh, who passed away in 1966. Who was her famous father?

10. Which African country’s dictator ordered 80,000 Indians, mostly Gujaratis, to leave his country in 1972, with quite a few returning to resettle after he was overthrown in 1979?


1. Freddie Mercury, born Farrokh Bulsara in Stone Town in Zanzibar

2. Karl Marx

3. Enrico Fermi, who won a Nobel Prize the year he moved to the US

4. France

5. Isabel Allende, author of The House of the Spirits. Her uncle was Salvador Allende of Chile

6. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

7. Sharbat Gula, better known as the ‘Afghan Girl’ photographed by Steve McCurry and featured in the 1985 cover of National Geographic magazine. It was one of the most iconic covers ever

8. Billy Wilder, born Samuel Wilder

9. Josef Stalin

10. Idi Amin, the dictator of Uganda

Joy Bhattacharjya is a quizmaster; Twitter: @joybhattacharj

Published on December 05, 2019

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