Since it is that time of the year, here is a quiz on love.

Love potion

1 What happened every day at Shibuya station in Tokyo between May 21, 1925, and March 8, 1935?

2 In Homer’s Iliad, which close comrade’s death at the hands of Hector brought Achilles back into action in the battle against the Trojans?

3 Which species of flying birds are known for their elaborate courtship rituals and are also worshipped by the Gonds for their devotion to their partners? They are also the state bird of Uttar Pradesh.

4 Which film by JP Dutta was inspired by a story by Keki N Daruwalla set in the Great Rann of Kutch and titled Love Across the Salt Desert ?

5 Which fruit was called a ‘love apple’ and not eaten as it was thought to be poisonous?

6 He was the most loved disciple of Nizamuddin Auliya. He was so special to his master that the latter once said, “If the sharia allowed me, I would have liked him to be buried with me in the same grave.” Name this amazingly talented disciple who died soon after the death of his mentor.

7 Which actor, most famous for lending his voice to a pivotal character across a series of George Lucas films, made his feature film début in Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb ?

8 Which particular fashion started from the 1960 Sashadhar Mukherjee film Love In Shimla , and suddenly revived in the ’90s, thanks to a politician from the Hindi heartland?

9 Whose relationship with a former student, Paul Langevin, in the early 20th century became such a scandal that angry mobs surrounded her house and forced her to flee to the safety of a friend’s home? Sympathy for her plight was often cited by detractors as the reason behind her winning a certain award.

10 Which Hollywood couple met at the sets of the film Cleopatra , starred in 11 films together and were married to each other twice?


1 Hachiko, a dog, waited for his dead master — Professor Hidesaburo Ueno — every day for almost 10 years. A statue of the dog at the station commemorates the love the pet bore towards his owner

2 Patroclus

3 Sarus cranes

4 Refugee , in which Abhishek Bachchan and Kareena Kapoor made their débuts

5 The tomato

6 Amir Khusrau, also buried in Nizamuddin Dargah, New Delhi

7 James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader

8 The Sadhana cut, a hairstyle popularised by the actress Sadhana and later adopted by Lalu Prasad Yadav

9 Madame Curie; her second Nobel Prize (chemistry) in 1911

10 Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, the most celebrated couple in Hollywood in the ’60s and ’70s


Joy Bhattacharjya is a quizmaster;

Twitter: @joybhattacharj

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