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Joy Bhattacharjya | Updated on January 09, 2018 Published on December 15, 2017

On Dec 16, 1773, to protest against the tax on tea, a group of Americans disguised as Mohawk Indians dumped hundred of crates of East India company tea at the Boston Tea Party, in Boston Harbour.

1 Which set of protest marches around the world originally started in 2011 when a Toronto Police constable suggested that women needed to dress more conservatively to avoid being targeted?

2 In 2003, in which African country did a women’s peace movement force a meeting of the President with rebel troops to end a 14-year-long civil war by staging a sit in around his office and threatening to undress if he tried to leave?

3 The 1830 Paris revolution led to the ouster of King Charles X of France. The movement was immortalised by the painting ‘Liberty Leading the People’, which depicted the Goddess of Liberty holding a tricolour and leading her people to freedom. Who was the painter?

4 In April 1976, the students of Orlando West Junior school refused to attend class in what became to be known as the Soweto Uprising, which swept across South Africa. The imposition of which language were these students resisting?

5 On June 4, 1913, Emily Wilding Davison died in her attempt to publicise the votes for women or suffragette movement. Her death made front-page news across the UK the next day. Where had she chosen to make her protest?

6 On February 14 2009, around 2,000 pieces of what reached the office on the Sri Ram Sene headed by a certain Pramod Muthalik?

7 This word was added to the Concise Oxford Dictionary in 2004. Popularised by former PWD and health minister Subodh Banerjee in the ’60s, It was till recently the most common form of protest in Bengal. Which word or form of protest is this?

8 In a famous scene from the film Gandhi, American journalist Webb Miller witnessed the brutal suppression of a peaceful protest led by Sarojini Naidu and Maulana Azad just after the Dandi Salt March. His report was carried around the world and helped change international opinion on the Indian freedom movement. Where was the protest held?

9 In 1969, the Hilton Hotels in Amsterdam and the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth in Montreal were both sites for novel week-long protests by a couple. What were these protests called, and who were the couple in question?

10 In the late ’80s, the peaceful ‘Singing Revolution’ — where people held hands and sang patriotic hymns as a form of protest — resulted in the freedom of which three countries?


1. SlutWalks. Now held in over 20 countries around the globe protesting victim blaming and shaming of sexual assault victims.

2. Liberia. The movement ended the war, and also resulted in Ellen Johnson Sirleaf being elected as the country’s first woman head of state

3. Eugène Delacroix, the painting and depiction of Liberty was also the inspiration for the Statue of Liberty

4. Afrikaans, they demanded to be taught in their native language instead

5. She jumped in front of King George V’s horse on Derby day

6. Pink underwear. The ‘Pink Chaddi’ campaign was spearheaded by the Consortium of Pub-going, Loose, and Forward Women

7. Gherao, similar to picketing. Subodh Banerjee was known as the gherao minister

8. The Dharasana salt factory

9. Bed-Ins for Peace, by John Lennon and Yoko Ono

10. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

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Published on December 15, 2017
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