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The International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol) was formed on this day in 1923. This is a quiz on police forces and policemen.

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1 Which nickname for a British policeman originates from British home secretary Sir Robert Peel, who founded the Metropolitan Police in the 19th century?

2 Which national police force, founded in 1812 by a certain Eugene Vidocq, was the inspiration for Scotland Yard, the FBI and most other modern police forces? It managed to reduce crime rate in the national capital by 40 per cent within a few years.

3 He was born Kulbhushan Pandit in Balochistan and moved to Mumbai, where he served in the city’s police force. He later left this profession for a very successful career in films. Name this well-known actor.

4 Which legendary Hollywood director was morbidly terrified of policemen after being locked up at the local police station at the age of six? It is said that his father sent him to the police.

5 Which Asian Lawn Tennis and All-India Hard Court tennis champion became India’s first female IPS officer in 1974?

6 Which legend from the world of entertainment was a huge fan of law enforcement officials? He collected police badges and equipment and, in 1970, met President Nixon, who made him an honorary drug enforcement agent. Ironically, he is said to have died of a drug abuse a few years later.

7 Which international cricketer with one of the best strike rates in Test history started his career as a police officer in Christchurch?

8 Which well-known writer from Motihari in Bihar joined the Imperial Police in 1922 and served in Burma for more than five years before deciding to resign and concentrate on a literary career?

9 Which police officer from Myrskylä took the 1972 and 1976 Summer Olympics by storm, winning four gold medals in the long-distance running events and reviving his nation’s domination in the sport, in the footsteps of Paavo Nurmi and Ville Ritola?

10 Most police forces have their own jargon. In US police force jargon, if EDP is an emotionally disturbed person and DOA is a dead on arrival, what is a BOLO?


1 Bobby, which is a diminutive of Robert

2 The Sûreté, the French police

3 Raaj Kumar

4 Alfred Hitchcock; a lot of his films feature scenes of actors behind bars

5 Kiran Bedi

6 Elvis Presley

7 Shane Bond

8 George Orwell, born Eric Arthur Blair

9 Lasse Viren, the last of the “Flying Finns’ won the 5,000 and 10,000-m events in both Olympics

10 A person for whom the police puts a lookout notice, from “be on lookout”


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Published on September 06, 2019
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