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Joy Bhattacharjya | Updated on February 16, 2018 Published on February 16, 2018

In 1808, in which specific British dominion did the Rum Rebellion result in the only armed takeover of the government ever in that part of the world?   -  Business Line

On popular demand, this week’s quiz is all about spirits.

1 Which two-word phrase is believed to have originated because of the huge popularity of gin in the Netherlands, specially among English soldiers who were there during the Eighty Years’ War?

2 Pisco is a colourless or yellowish-amber brandy, which is extremely popular in parts of South America. Which two countries have had a long-standing disagreement about its country of origin?

3 Glanbia, an Irish dairy in County Cavan, provides an essential ingredient to which globally popular alcoholic beverage?

4 Which is the first, and so far, the only Indian alcoholic beverage to get a Geographical Indication registration?

5 In 1877, Swede Lars Olsson Smith found a revolutionary way to distil liquor without creating fusel alcohol, and came up with a drink which in his native language was completely pure and sold in a container resembling a medicine bottle. By what name do we know this particular brand of alcohol?

6 In the old days, distillery workers would shovel malting barley almost all day. The effort would cause their arms to dangle, and this particular affliction was known by a two-word term. Which brand of whiskey gets its name from that term?

7 White Russian is a cocktail made with vodka, coffee liqueur and cream served with ice in an old-fashioned glass. What is the composition of the Black Russian cocktail?

8 Bill Murray’s role as the endorser of a particular alcoholic brand in Asia in the award-winning 2003 film Lost In Translationsparked off an interest in Japanese whiskey and a boom in its sales in the US. Which specific brand of alcohol was he endorsing in the film?

9 In 1808, in which specific British dominion did the Rum Rebellion result in the only armed takeover of the government ever in that part of the world?

10 What is traditionally drunk from small cups called choko or o-choko and poured from ceramic flasks called tokkuri? Traditionally members of a party pour for each other instead of doing so themselves.


1. Dutch courage, gin was thought to have a calming effect on troops before battle

2. Peru and Chile. Peru claims the exclusive right to use the term ‘Pisco,’ while Chile regards it a generic term

3. They provide the cream for Baileys Irish Cream

4. Cashew feni from Goa in 2009. The first Indian registration was for Darjeeling tea

5. Absolut vodka

6. Monkey’s Shoulder

7. The Black Russian is a White Russian without the cream. History is uncertain on which was invented first

8. Suntory whisky

9. Australia; governor William Bligh was deposed, after prohibiting the use of spirits as payment for commodities

10. Sake. In Japan, it is more commonly known as ‘Nihonshu’

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Joy Bhattacharjya is a quizmaster and Project Director, FIFA U-17 World Cup


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Published on February 16, 2018
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