Time to stand, stare and shoot

Updated on: Mar 17, 2021

Looking back at a pandemic-induced lockdown — announced in March 2020 — with stark images of isolation captured from an apartment window

With my smartphone, I turned the lens of the camera on the world outside my windows sometime last year. The purpose behind taking these images was twofold. First, I wanted to test how much I could achieve through the limited options offered by this everyday modern gadget. Second, I wanted to overcome the isolation that the Covid-19 pandemic had imposed on me — an 83-year-old semi-bedridden photographer living in a small third floor flat.

My involvement with the art of craft of photography — a passion that I have nurtured for over six decades — compelled me to view this unusual situation through the lens of the camera.

To look out for the images I had only three windows in my room: One facing the east and the others facing the south, with one of the latter presenting a hint of the west.

It will be most gratifying if these images can enthuse people to explore the beauty of life that is always present around us.

Arun Ganguly, a retired ad industry professional and photographer, is based in Kolkata

Published on Jul 07, 2022


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