Video games have been a source of entertainment to people for decades, but for the past 20 years, the gaming industry has evolved to become a career source on the brighter side as well. Now the gaming industry is not just identified for providing aesthetically pleasing, Hi-Tech video games to their users; the market is offering huge opportunities to all such game lovers so that they can actively be a part of this innovative industry.

The Gaming Sector in India reached US $ 930 Million by the year 2020, showing a huge growth rate of 41% if compared to the revenue of 2014 which was about $ 350 Million- stated by  the National Investment promotion & Facilitation Agency . This steady growth made India stand in the 4th position among the largest gaming markets globally. And that is not it, this industry is expected to generate a revenue of US $ 3.9 Billion by the end of the year 2025.

Reason for this Immense growth:

Digging deep into the factors that can be responsible for this sudden surge in the Indian Gaming market, a huge part of this success goes to the start-up & Indie companies creating fun & interactive games for their Indian and global users. Another important factor is the gradual spike in mobile game players. Since internet speed in India has been improved, Indian users adopted the online gaming culture spontaneously which was easily available through their mobile phones. 

An entertainment source without expensive consoles and setup actually planted a dream of making video games a career among these rookie players. This ultimately laid the foundation of the golden future of the Gaming Industry that we are currently living in. There are more than  450 game companies  currently accelerating the pace with an expectation to bring India among the top 3 largest gaming markets across the world in the next 5 years. 

India is becoming the hub for AAA Game companies:

The rise in AAA game production houses in India is another big reason for the flourishing of the Indian Gaming Market. MultiNational Game companies like  EA, Ubisoft, Sumo Video Games, Rockstar Games , and many more already set up their chains in leading metropolitan cities of the country as they have foreseen this immense growth and wanted to be a part of this golden future. 

Employment Opportunities in the Gaming Market are Surprising!

Yes, you heard it right! Even though people think that gaming can solely be an entertainment source, the career opportunity in the current gaming market is massive. Currently, prominent game companies have already established their hub in India, creating a decent percentage of employment opportunities for youngsters. The salary package offered in the gaming market is handsome as well. Generally, it starts from  INR 3.5 to 6 Lakhs  per annum for a fresher and INR  6 to 10 Lakhs  per annum for laterals and goes up to  INR 12 to 18 Lakhs  per annum for 5+ years experienced game developers, designers or artists, which breaks the taboo of limited career options in the Indian gaming market. To support the statistics  Mr. Surya Prakash,  founder and Director of Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming & technology says “The Games Industry globally is going to grow at a much faster pace in the coming years, creating more employment opportunities”.

How Jain Online Program is going to help you “Seize the Moment”


Before actually starting to think about the spotlight, you need to accomplish the skill set required by the AAA game companies. Behind every innovative game, there are a set of brilliantly creative minds putting their best effort. These Game Developers and Artists are both talented and knowledgeable enough in their field to create a game that can immerse their users in a whole new world of dragons, pirate ships, adventures, and dungeons full of ancient gold. 

And to develop all this intricate stuff within a virtual world, a creative mind needs to walk hand-in-hand with sharp technical skills. This is where  Jain(Deemed-To-Be-University) & Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming & Technology  is contributing big-time to the Indian gaming market. With the rise in demand for creative and interactive games, the gaming industry is looking for more innovative minds on board.

About MCA with an elective in Game Development, introduced for the First Time in India:

The current gaming market continues to grow each day which makes  Mastering  the art of Game development a necessity. For which  JAIN (Deemed-To-Be-University)  had partnered with Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming & Technology to promote the two year duration masters program, MCA with an elective in Game Development. For the first time In INDIA, gaming aspirants can pursue a UGC entitled, MCA degree and you’ll also be awarded a specialization certificate in Game Design from Backstage Pass. This program gives the students proper exposure to the gaming industrys’ aspect from mentors across the world. With a curriculum crafted by the industry experts and 100% career support opportunity, this program can be an open door for the youngsters towards the golden era of the Indian Gaming Industry. 

The program comes with tons of additional benefits for the students like:

  • Access to LMS and 16,000+ LinkedIn courses
  • Taught by Global Industry mentors
  • Access to recorded classes
  • FREE membership to Gaming Communities
  • Online Incubator support & mentorship & so much more
  • Access to career counseling workshops

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