In India, buying a car is a big milestone. It’s something we save, plan for, and put a lot of thought into. Everyone wants a vehicle that looks good; after all, it’s a reflection of your style. But very often we focus so much on aesthetics that we forget the one thing that matters the most when it comes to commuting, which is comfort. Your car should make you feel at ease so much so that every drive in it should be relaxing and therapeutic.

Commuting takes up more time and energy than we realise. In fact, post-pandemic travel is stressful, as we are constantly worried about sanitising and social distancing. In times such as this, using your own car seems like a safer bet. According to YouGov’s International Automotive Report 2021, urban Indians will use their personal vehicles more in the next 12 months than they did before the pandemic. Apart from the practicality, your car grows on you, as you drive around the city or go for long drives to simply let your hair down. Your car then, like your home, is your safe space, one that gives you joy. And just like your home, you want it to be stylish. 

Nexa XL6 delivers on all fronts. The car’s stone-finished dashboard is accentuated with silver accents that run along the doors and interior panels. The Aggressive Front Chrome Grille, the Quad LED Headlamps with DRLs, and the LED Light Guides in Tail Lamps give a sporty touch to this premium MPV. Its SUV-like design only adds to the appeal of the car.

If comfort is what you seek, NEXA XL6 is going to exceed expectations. It has a spacious cabin that can easily accommodate six people. The All-black Plush Leather Captain Seats allow you to sink in and simply recline, offering the ultimate lounge experience. These seats come with individual armrests and offer ample space.

When it comes to technology, this MPV is second to none. It is designed keeping in mind that today’s buyers are a tech-savvy and environment-conscious lot. The car is powered by a 1.5 L K15B Petrol Engine with Smart Hybrid Technology. Its Integrated Starter Generator, paired with a lithium-ion and lead-acid battery, Regenerates Brake Energy and provides Torque Assist to the engine during acceleration. The Idle Start-Stop feature increases fuel efficiency.

Advanced technologies like Cruise Control and Automatic Transmission make the car effortless to drive. The Cruise Control System is perfect if you are hitting the highways where you need to stick to a particular speed. The car’s Automatic Transmission takes the stress out of driving in cities. It has Hill Hold Assist, which prevents the car from rolling back on slopes, and the ESP, which provides better control. Whether cruising on expressways or in congested cities, NEXA XL6 makes the ride joyful for the person behind the wheels.

The rugged body cladding along with front and rear skid plates take the sportiness of NEXA XL6 a notch higher. The bright and focussed LED Fog Lamps make driving in foggy weather conditions easy and safe. The Multi-information Display helps you keep track of the car’s fuel consumption, energy flow, driving range, and trip details.

With the XL6, you can accommodate all your travel bags. The vehicle has a spacious boot that will let you carry everything you need. In fact, the third-row seats fold completely to make more room for luggage.

That’s not all. The XL6 has a state-of-the-art 17.8 cm touchscreen Smartplay Studio for in-car entertainment and connectivity. The Steering Mounted Audio and Calling Controls enable you to control basic functions without any hiccups. You can electronically adjust the viewing angle and fold-unfold the rearview mirrors. All of this elevates your driving experience.

The NEXA XL6 is spacious and stylish; it’s well-appointed on all fronts, from design to technology, and is high on performance. It is a car that will pamper you in every sense of the word. Above all, it’s a practical MPV for those who prioritise the comfort of their loved ones but at the same time are seeking some adventure of their own, every now and then.

The NEXA XL6 is sure to turn into your comfort zone; it’s going to make you feel contented. This is an MPV that makes a style statement, a car that feels just right.

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