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| Updated on November 27, 2020 Published on November 27, 2020

As India surges to a smarter time and age, there is a growing need for newer, more innovative and smarter solutions that will fuel this momentum. And making its presence felt in the nation’s growth story is Tata Steel Nest-In through its range of steel-based modular construction solutions. Nest-In is leading the prefabricated construction space in India today, striving to provide complete turnkey solutions with a unique customer experience at its core.


Offering a wide range of prefabricated solutions for industrial infrastructure, housing, sanitation, safe drinking water, portable cabins and lifestyle solutions through its HabiNest, Nestudio, EzyNest, AquaNest and MobiNest solutions. Nest-In today serves over 26 states in India along with its large network of solution partners for last mile access.

Holistic Construction Solutions

Nest-In as a prefabricated construction solution brand entails manufacturing in a factory-controlled environment, after which, assembly and installation takes place at the customers’ site. Building components include minimal foundation, structural frames, wall panels, doors, windows, floor systems, electrical and plumbing fitments. As the blueprints are detailed to the last millimetre, there is a minimal wastage of resources and higher accuracy in the structures.

Modular nature of construction also drastically reduces the turnaround time. In many cases, prefabricated construction is 2-3 times faster than conventional methods.



In addition to speed and strength, Nest-In’s steel-based modular solutions are also greener as compared to conventional structures, as they generate less construction waste. Furthermore, with depleting resources, it’s more important now than ever to utilise the world’s resources wisely and work with the most sustainable technologies.

An internal study conducted by Tata Steel showed that HabiNest, Nest-In’s Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) construction solution, has environmental savings in the range of 48 per cent to 61 per cent when analysed over a range of life cycle impact categories over a conventional structure. As per the same study, HabiNest consumes 48% lesser fresh water and has 53% lesser greenhouse gas impact.


New-age and Modern Solutions

Nest-In, through its expertise and experience in the prefabricated construction space, has successfully completed and delivered turnkey solutions to a wide range of customers. From constructing medical college classrooms to an employees’ canteen, a G+1 hostel to premium rooftop houses for retail customers, Nest-In has carved a niche for itself in the market.

High speed construction, resistance to seismic disturbances, reliable service, convenient installations across the country, and the promise of quality makes Nest-In the ideal choice for all types of shelter requirements.


Classroom using HabiNest technology for Manipal Tata Medical College,Jamshedpur


In addition to the multiple shelter solution-based applications, Nest-In has also pioneered innovations that help improve the quality of life of the communities. In keeping with the Government’s mission of a clean India, Nest-In helped to revolutionize the Swachh Bharat Mission through its range of EzyNest modular toilets. The solution was aimed at countering the sanitation problems in areas where the community does not get access to clean public toilets. EzyNest modular toilets are thermally insulated, generate minimal construction waste, and are equipped with waste management facilities. In 2018, Nest-In also introduced Smart EzyNest, a range of automated modular toilet designed to provide a complete sanitation solution for the masses.

EzyNest Block for Mercedes Benz CSR Project in Maharashtra Schools




Nest-In’s MobiNest (Portable Cabins) has in fact helped our country fight the Covid-19 pandemic by creating a parallel healthcare infrastructure, that has helped provide a safer environment for the masses. For example, when Kasaragod district in Kerala emerged as India’s first Covid hotspot, Tata Trusts along with the Tata Group stepped in to enhance the healthcare infrastructure by setting up a 551-bed isolation facility spanning 80,000 sq. ft. in a record time of 3 months, entirely using 128 MobiNest isolation and quarantine cabins.

Covid-19 Isolation Facility at Kasaragod, Kerala


Covid-19 Isolation Facility at Kasaragod, Kerala

Interiors of Nest-In's Quarantine and Isolation Cabins



Nest-In, with the help of medical guidance, modified its portable steel cabins to develop quarantine and isolation wards and delivered these cabins to various isolation facilities across the country, including in Kerala, Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha, Maharashtra and Jharkhand. Constructing these medical facilities in such a short span of time and within complete lockdown would not have been possible if not for prefabricated construction.


An Exciting Road Ahead for Responsible Construction

Construction being the backbone of infrastructural development, is a sector that is constantly evolving and looking for newer, advanced technologies. In today’s fiercely competitive landscape and with the growing demand for fast-paced high-quality construction, new-age technologies such as prefabricated and modular construction is fast gaining popularity. In fact, many private and government projects today specifically mention LGSF and other prefab structures as recommended construction methods for their projects.

The preferred partner to many Corporates, Government Bodies, Authorities and Institutions through its myriad of high-impact offerings, Nest-In is on its way to become one of India’s leading brands in the prefabricated solutions industry, thereby creating a better life every day for millions of Indians.

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Published on November 27, 2020
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