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Updated on: Mar 08, 2021

These cellular towers are the base stations for the cells that make up the coverage area for a cellular telephone network. Most of these towers are 50 to 200 ft tall with an antenna mounted on top. These antennas emit radiofrequency electromagnetic waves but at a level much lower than those associated with commercial radio and television stations. There is no significant indication that chronic exposure to the EMFs (electronic magnetic field) around cellular sites has any potential to be hazardous to human health. Photo: N. Sridharan 18-08-2004 | Photo Credit: SRIDHARAN N

Telecom towers are a burden on the buildings they live not in the least because they feature batteries that are darned heavy. Who knows what dangers they might bring? This question has often come up before the Courts.

The law publication,, cites instances when Uttarakhand High Court and Allahabad High Court refused to intervene, saying that it is not up to them to judge these matters, which are best left to the Administration.

However, recently, the Punjab & Haryana High Court has directed the Punjab Government to not allow installation of towers on the residential buildings till further orders (as an interim measure).

The Bench of Justice Rajan Gupta and Justice Karamjit Singh has passed this order in view of the fact that installation of towers in a haphazard manner may endanger lives and property of the people and would violate their rights under Article 21 of the Constitution.

Apart from this, the Bench has also issued a notice of motion to the Punjab State Government asking them to clarify as to whether a uniform policy was being adopted across the Punjab or stand-alone instructions had been given for a particular place (SAS Nagar).

Published on March 08, 2021
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