Business Wire IndiaKey Highlights of the report:
  • The 16-34 age group make up 20% of people treated for back and neck conditions in India
  • The percentage of young population going for back pain treatment is the highest in New Delhi
  • 45% people neglect their pain for more than 7 weeks which results to delayed treatment
  • The treatment rate in women is lower than men. 46% of women opt for treatment compared to 54% in men
  • 73% people try other treatments that are not successful before spine rehabilitation
  • 62% people do not opt for spine surgeries
  • The most common pain is the lower back pain and Herniated Disc (Slipped Disc) is the most common condition experienced by patients
QI Spine ClinicSpeaking on the reportDr. Garima Anandani, P.T, Clinical Director, QI Spine ClinicThe report clearly shows that back or neck pain patients neglect their pain or try other approaches that give temporary relief and the pain usually returns. The rate of negligence at 45% is quite high. This indicates lack of awareness as many people opt for other treatment and alternatives for their painEarly treatment with Spine Rehabilitation can reduce the pain and treat the root cause of the problem within a short span of time providing complete recovery.”Mr. Anuj Arenja, MD and CEO, QI Spine ClinicWe are delighted to release the QI Spine Clinic’s World Spine Day 2017 Insights Report, highlighting the need of awareness on back and spine conditions and their treatment. Our multi-disciplinary clinical diagnostic approach stems from a thorough understanding of the mechanical, neurological and structural aspects of the spine. Our expert team of Spine Physiotherapistsprescribes atreatment path best suited to the unique condition of a patient leading to more effective & faster treatment and aiding complete recovery.We have seen a success rate of over 90% at QI Spine Clinic and have handled some of the toughest of back and neck cases in