Advertising network Dentsu has released its 2023 Media Trends which examines ten industry trends which will shape how brands tap into shifting consumer behaviour. Key predictions are:


#1 AVOD eats SVOD – Ad-funded video platform is set to overtake subscription channels with time, as major streaming platforms are adding ad-funded tiers.

#2 Games Everywhere – Games are becoming increasingly prominent on content sites to drive repeat users.

#3 Attention Brings Back the Essence of Advertising – Interest in attention is growing as brands look beyond metrics of reach and viewability to assess consumer engagement.


#1 From Going Shopping to Always Shopping – Consumers can shop anywhere and anytime.

#2 Retail Media Shakes Up Adland – Retail platforms and sites are turning themselves into advertising platforms and becoming attractive propositions for brands due to retailers’ huge wealth of first-party data.

#3 The Rise of the Super Apps – Apps continue to build ecosystems offering a wide range of services, to anticipate and cater for user’s needs.

#4 No Way Back for Third-Party Cookies – Brands continue to navigate a cookieless future and advertisers will explore and test the solutions working best for their brands.


#1 ‘Going Live’ goes a long way – Brands and platforms are increasingly using the ‘go live’ functions to build a community to create interest through live events.

#2 Responsibility takes centre stage – Communities are emerging through a common emphasis on brand responsibility. Platforms are opportunities to share relevant content and increasingly measure impacts of campaigns.

#3 Social algorithms give users what they don’t know they want – It is not about who you follow in as much as what social media platforms want you to see.

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