In an unexpected but heart-warming move, entertainment giant The Walt Disney has introduced its first plus-size female protagonist. Disney’s new short film Reflect is about an oversized ballet dancer called Bianca who battles her own reflection and self doubts.

Directed by Hillary Bradfield, whose films include Frozen 2 and Encanto, Reflect is part of Disney’s Short Circuit series of experimental films, that are devoted to topics that develops one’s self esteem and promote body positivity.

Social will grow

Consumer intelligence and deep listening company Talkwalker and customer engagement services firm Khoros have released their annual Social Media Trends 2023 Report. Key trends identified by the report are:

Customer experience will get even more social – In 2023, expect more brands to leverage social media as dedicated support channels, enabling a fast, efficient response no matter which platform consumers use to get in touch. Social commerce will rise – In India, from FY 20-25, social commerce is expected to grow at 55-60 per cent CAGR, taking the market size from $1.5-2 billion to $16-20 billion. Brands will place emphasis on communities rather than personas – 66 per cent of branded communities say that their community has led to increased loyalty.

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