According to new research by Adobe, customers appreciate brands that understand them at a personal level. Rejecting age-based stereotypes, the majority (80%) of consumers in India want to be treated as an individual with unique interests and preferences, with almost two-thirds (77%) saying they feel negatively towards brands that interact with them based on assumptions and labels, including age-based stereotypes such as “Millennial” and “Gen-Z”.

The survey of 5,000 APAC consumers (2,000 Indians, 2,000 Australians, and 1,000 Singaporeans) reveals that consumers feel closer to people with shared interests rather than their own age group. Seventy one per cent Indians felt closer to people with similar interests (71%) rather than those in their age group (20%). Brands’ ability to keep pace is a significant expectation for Indian consumers. When asked, 55% of Indian consumers said they have changed their favourite brands as their tastes and financial situation has changed. Real-time visibility and delivering experiences in line with emerging preferences is vital to keeping even the most loyal customers on their side, concludes the report.

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