The e-commerce industry has added several new customers during the special festive season sales it held. It has also reached many locations that have not been served earlier, according to research by Flytxt, a data monetisation solutions firm.

A few states among those with the lowest per capita income - Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa - surprised with a relatively larger number of consumers buying online during these sales.

Among the more prosperous states and those with higher literacy rates, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Gujarat clocked a significantly higher share of e-commerce purchases. The states that performed well during the festive season sales happen to be among the top 10 most populated states in India.

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Consumer preference for e-commerce brands varied considerably across the various regions. Specific regions witnessed specific brands taking a decisive lead during the festive season sales.

Barring Punjab, in the North Indian states, no single brand took a huge lead.

Buyers planned their purchase during the festive season sales much in advance. These people also tend to consolidate multiple items’ purchase on one website rather than hop many in search of a good deal.

Only 17 per cent of the customers being deal-seekers during the festive season sale, even less than the corresponding numbers during normal season, signifies how e-commerce customers have evolved in terms of considering factors other than mere discounts for their online shopping.

Indians armed with smart gadgets are hungry for more. Broadband subscription prices, launch of 4G services, and India Post’s moves to reach remote locations should spur e-commerce brands to embrace these opportunities and go into overdrive acquiring customers, says Abhay Doshi, Senior Vice-President and Business Head – Digital Services Enablement, Flytxt.

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