Sunday everyday

Sundays are usually tension free for most people. Can everyday be like Sunday? With some clever punning on the sun, Exide Industries has launched a series of films that show how easily people can switch to a sustainable way of living using solar. Made by Wunderman Thompson Kolkata, the films are laced with humour and show relatable situations every day. The campaign will be anchored in the digital space and will be extended on ground through events and executions.

Green impact

Panasonic Life Solutions India has roped in leading sports personalities Naomi Osaka, Nathan Chen and Michael Phelps for its Green Impact campaign that highlights the brand’s vision for creating a greener, healthier, more equitable future. The beautifully shot film talks about the environmental challenges the world faces today and asks people to get together to be champions of sustainability. It plays up Panasonic’s new brand action slogan – ‘Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow.’

Seeding change

Greenlam Industries which makes wooden laminates is also treading the sustainability track with its new film “The Gutli” or Seed. Made by the Titus Upputuru Company, the longish film shows a young girl worrying about her father’s job since he works with wood, and she has just learnt that the planet is losing trees. The child then decides to plant trees to help not only her father but also the planet. At the end of the film, it is shown that like the little girl, the company cares too, and hence “sources wood from sustainable forests.”

Hug your mom

What’s a great stress reliever? Apparently a hug from your mom. ITC Sunfeast Mom’s Magic conducted a survey among people in the age group 13 to 35 on how often they hugged their moms and what they felt. After that, the brand conducted a social experiment, which it shows in a digital video, where the protagonist does various activities including hugging his mother. The happiness surge upon this action is magical. That sparks off the #HugHerMore campaign, urging people to hug their moms more.