HyperCollective, a branding consultancy made up of various agencies and founded by ad man Pops KV Sridhar, was launched formally this week. Commenting on its vision, Pops said, “The need of the hour is co-creation, collaboration with swiftness and agility. There is no single agency that excels in all four areas of content, communication, technology, and strategy. Furthermore, we can add newer competencies in a blink of an eye.”

Based in Mumbai, HyperCollective now has 21 collaborators on board, apart from the support of brand gurus, independent marketing consultants, media buying and PR agencies and film-makers. HyperCollective has been working for a few major brands already. It has helped set up the Live Content Studio in Nestle’s office in Gurugram, along with with its collaborators - PING Digital Broadcast Network and WindChimes Communications. The studio produces original branded content, social campaigns, as well as experiential content.

DDB Mudra West launches Karma for SMEs

DDB Mudra West has launched ‘Karma’, an agency that will cater to startups and SMEs. Headquartered in Mumbai, Karma provides the clients with an expertise of a full-service, large agency. It follows a zero hierarchy structure and claims the turn-around time for solutions is faster and smoother.

The agency’s leadership comprises Sanjay Panday on the business front and his creative partner Vinayak Nayak. Its clients include Brand Factory, SOTC and Shree Plan Your Journey in Mumbai, and Arvind Infrastructure, Chartered Speed and Electrotherm in Ahmedabad.