Indian software engineers are witnessing an average of 126 per cent jump in salaries after taking upskilling courses in the last three years, according to KPMG–Scaler Placement Assessment report. 

The report considered data of 2087 graduates. Scaler learners have witnessed a mean salary of ₹21.6 LPA, a median salary of ₹17.5 LPA and a placement rate of 93.5 per cent. The highest domestic salary achieved by Scaler learners’ stands at ₹3.03 crore. The average salary for learners who had 6-10 years of work experience is ₹31.9 lakhs, while learners with more than 10 years of experience received packages averaging at ₹57.1 lakh.   

The KPMG assessment report also surveyed learners on their post-placement performance in the companies they joined. The average hike in salaries received after joining the new company stands at 67.8 per cent, with 31.8 per cent of alumni being promoted in the job they joined post Scaler. In comparison, the average hike percentage across IT jobs in 2021 was 11.2 per cent (according to the Salary Increase Survey by global professional services firm Aon)

The KPMG Scaler report highlighted the industries that felt the maximum impact with this boom in upskilling. And they were Technology Solutions with an intake of 14.1 per cent professionals, Financial Technologies with 13.9 per cent, E-Commerce & Retail with 13.7 percent and Consumer Tech, which witnessed employment of 8.2 per cent of upskilled professionals. 

Anshuman Singh, Co-founder, Scaler and InterviewBit, said “All career outcomes have a very high correlation to their adherence to the programme, which is very intensive and requires a lot of hard work. Getting into reputed product-based companies is no easy task. It needs techies to stay updated with tech trends in the market, explore them and thoroughly understand them. This is specifically hard because all of our learners do it with an existing job. I admire their commitment, and I am sure they will create a significant impact wherever they go.” 

Abhimanyu Saxena, Co-founder, Scaler and InterviewBit, said, “With edtech players recognising this skill gap in the sector, the tech upskilling on offer today has been providing a second lease of life to Indian techies who aspire to work at product-based companies. Our skilling programmes for software engineers, lasting for merely a year or less, have made a considerable difference to the tech organisations. We have successfully devised a skilling ecosystem that understands the needs of the tech players and created programs that learners can undertake part-time, along with their pursuing jobs. Scaler has been one of the most empowering tools for engineers who aspire to dream big in this industry.”  

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