New Datsun car will be smaller, feature simpler design than Micra

S. Muralidhar Geneva | Updated on November 22, 2017 Published on March 06, 2013


The new Datsun car that is headed to India by early next year will share some of the platform features of the Nissan Micra, but it will be a completely different car. For one it will be a fresh new design, be slightly smaller than the Nissan Micra and yet manage to have a roomy interior.

Talking to Business Line exclusively at the sidelines of the Geneva Motor Show 2013, Shiro Nakamura, Senior Vice President & Chief Creative Officer of Nissan Motor Co., said that that the new car from the Datsun stable that will be unveiled later this year will be unique and will not seem like a stripped down version of the existing Nissan car.

He said that "it will be less expensive. But, we don’t want to create anything that looks and feels cheap. We have to give it the right high quality look. But it won’t be as emotional as some of the Nissan models."

Mr Shiro added that “the Datsun car will represent modernity, but importantly high quality and longevity. That will be direction of the new Datsun brand."

Talking about the heritage of the Datsun brand he said that "the historical strength of the Datsun brand is that it is very robust and durable. Durable in the sense of not just mechanical durability, but also design durability. So, it is not necessary for the Datsun brand to be very trendy or it to be perceived to be too focused on design."

Shiro however pointed out that the plan is to keep it unique and focused on the brand's perceived USPs and so it will not be a bare bones version of an existing Nissan model. It won’t be an inexpensive Nissan featuring fewer parts than its counterpart. So, price position apart, the Datsun car will have its own special value proposition. Therefore, it will be a separate brand with a simpler intrinsic design, but also possess a unique character.

The Japanese company has already announced that Datsun cars will be launched in India, Indonesia, Russia and recently added South Africa to that list. So it will be an international brand with cars that focus on local needs and functionality. Confirming some of these points, Shiro also said that though Datsun cars will have a higher focus on practicality, they will still be aspirational.

"It is becoming clear that even mature markets can appreciate cars that are focused on practicality and less on emotional design. So, that should be a workable model for Datsun internationally", he said.

Published on March 06, 2013
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