Result of Postal Ballot

Surana Ventures Ltd has informed BSE that the members of the Company, by way of Postal Ballot, have passed the Special Resolution relating to offer, issue and allot in the course of either one or more international offering(s), in one or more foreign markets and/or in the course of one or more domestic offering(s) in India, including by way of a Qualified Institutions Placement under Chapter VII of ICDR Regulations (‘QIP") and/or through Global Depository Receipts (‘GDRs) and/or American Depository Receipts ("ADRs") in one or more tranches, whether rupee-denominated or denominated in foreign currency, to such investors who are eligible to acquire such Securities in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, guidelines and approvals, through public issue(s), rights issue(s), preferential issue(s), private placement(s) or any combination thereof, through any prospectus, offer document, offer letter, offer circular, placement document or otherwise, at such time or times and at such price or prices subject to compliance with all applicable laws, rules regulations, guidelines and approvals, at a discount or premium to market price or prices in such manner and on such terms and conditions including as regards security, rate of interest, etc., as may be deemed appropriate by the Board in its absolute discretion, for an aggregate amount, in one or more offering(s) and/or in one or more tranches, not exceeding USD 30.00 million and the Board shall have the discretion to determine the categories of eligible investors to whom the offer, issue and allotment shall be made to the exclusion of all other categories of investors at the time of such offer, issue and allotment considering the prevailing market conditions and all other relevant factors and wherever necessary in consultation with advisor(s), lead manager(s), and underwriter(s) appointed by the Company, with requisite majority.

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Published on March 10, 2011


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