Outcome of AGM

| Updated on July 21, 2011 Published on July 21, 2011

Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd has informed BSE that the members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Company held on July 21, 2011, inter alia, have accorded the following:

1. Audited Profit and Loss Account for the year ended March 31, 2011, the Balance Sheet as on that date and Report of the Board of Directors and Auditors thereon were received, considered and adopted.

2. Declaration of Final Dividend at the rate of 200% for the year 2010-11 as recommended by the Board to be paid to those eligible Members whose names appear on the Companys Register of Members as at the close of business hours on July 21, 2011.

3. Re-appointment of Mr. Pratap G. Pawar, Dr. Naushad Forbes, Mr. Anil N. Alawani and Mr. Nihal G. Kulkarni, Directors retiring by rotation, as Directors of the Company.

4. Appointment of M/s. P. G. Bhagwat as Statutory Auditors of the Company.

5. Appointment of Mr. Dattatraya R. Swar as Director of the Company.

6. Re-appointment of Mr. Rahul C. Kirloskar as Whole-Time Director of the Company.

7. Approval to carrying on the business of hiring and repairing of Aircrafts.

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Published on July 21, 2011
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